Camp Wahanowin VIP Family Day Tour

Camp Wahanowin VIP Family Day Tour

Want to learn more about Camp Wahanowin?

Come try out the Wahanowin VIP Camp Tour!

Entertain Kids is hosting an intimate FREE family fun day at Camp Wahanowin, located in Orillia. Up to 6 families will be booked in per day and each day you will receive a Camp Wahanowin Staff Guide, lunch, and take part in some of Camp Waha’s best activities! This is a pressure free fun family day.

Dates To Choose From:
Saturday, May 23, 2020
Sunday, May 24, 2020
Saturday, June 6, 2020
Sunday, June 7, 2020

Time: 11am-3:30pm

Day Intinerary:
11am- Arrival At Camp, Tour of Camp and Cabins
11:30am-1pm- Activities
1pm-2pm- Lunch In The Mess Hall
2pm-3pm- Activities

Participate in fun activities such as zipline, bungee jumping, trapeze, swimming in the lake, tubing, boating, A&C, Sports
(Specific activities are dependent on the weather)

Please note, families MUST meet the following requirements below in order to attend …
1) You or your child is interested in learning about sleepover camp
2) You are not affiliated with any other sleepover camp
3) You have a Child finishing SK-Grade 8
4) You are aware of the pricing for Overnight Camp 

Here are some sample pricing for the shorter camp stays.
* Wahano-One (SK-Grade 2): $95
* Super Summer Sleepver (SK- Grade 3): $875
* August Two Weeks (Grade 1 – 8 Campers): $3575 +hst

If you meet the ABOVE requirements, please let me know the following:
1) Which dates your family can attend (May 23, May 24, June 6 or June 7)
2) You must be able to travel to Orillia on the day you choose
3) How many members are in your family
4) The ages of your children and names. Your name and your partner (if they are attending)
5) Your email, and city you live in

Limited Spots are available.
Please email me at: to sign up!

Camp Website:


Here is some helpful information for parents that have not attended sleepover camp and want to learn more about it.

Sleepover Camp is wonderful for kids in many ways. I have seen the benefits of overnight camp through my kids and my own personal experiences with it.
Camp helps children socialize, develop close relationships, and make new friends.
Camp enables children to overcome their fears. A child may be apprehensive to do a specific activity but with the support of their counsellors and cabin mates, they gather up the courage to try something new.
Camp allows children to develop independence. They learn responsibility to keep their cabins clean, dress themselves, and practice good hygiene.
For kids with anxiety, it can help because they are away from home and leave their problems at the door.

I understand sleepover camp is very pricey and is not in everyone’s budget. This is something I save for my children. 
If you think about the logistics. Your child is being fed three full meals a day, plus an evening snack. Camp Wahanowin has a chef and very good food.
Camp has lots of activities both on water and land. Each activity is run by specialty staff. Your child will have atleast two counsellors with them at all times. Counsellors sleep in the same cabin as your kids. At Wahanowin, the counsellors sleep in a separate room inside the cabin, and cabins have a washroom and shower inside. 
So essentially, your child is getting 24/7 care and supervision, a place to sleep, activities and fed.