Mother’s Day Spa Deal

Mother’s Day Spa Deal

I have teamed up with a medical spa called The Philosophy Of Beauty in Vaughan! They are offering two Mother’s Day Deals exclusively to Entertain Kids On A Dime Members!


Receive a Hydrafacial treatment and get a lip rejuvenation for FREE! $75 SAVINGS!
75-90 Minutes

(Treatment Details Below)


Buy 5 cycles, and get one FREE! Plus get complimentary laser tightening.
$750 Savings for the 6th Cool Sculpting Treatment and $650-$1300 Savings for the Laser Tightening Treatment.
(Treatment Details Below)


Call or email the spa, and mention the “Entertain Kids On A Dime Mother’s Day Deal.” (647) 931-3767,

PURCHASE BY: Wednesday,  May 15, 2019!

*Stay tuned watching me through my journey through Cool Sculpting, a Hydrafacial and other treatments. 


What Is HydraFacial MD®?
*What makes this facial so impressive and sought-after? HydraFacial MD®is a non-invasive, non-abrasive and non-laser skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatment.

*The HydraFacial MD® utilizes some of the most powerful antioxidant extracts available that can be effectively applied to the skin to heal and protect.
*It is a hydradermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection which result in clearer and more radiant skin without discomfort or downtime. For those who are not familiar with hydradermabrasion, this is a similar procedure to microdermabrasion, however, instead of using abrasive crystals and diamonds to exfoliate dull, dry surface cells, it uses water and active serums.

What Is A HydraFacial Perk For Lip Rejuvenation?
HydraFacial Perk is another new innovation in cosmetic enhancement technology that offers an express lip or eye exfoliation and revitalization.
Perk™ uses a patented roller-flex technology gently exfoliate areas which are known to be sensitive such as the lips and around the eyes. The combination of exfoliation, suction and infusion with nutrient rich serums gives an instant glow and plumped, smoothed effect to the lips. Dead cells and impurities are removed while pores are gently flexed to increase circulation and replenish the skin with vital antioxidants.
This Lip Treatment uses specialized Lip Revitalizing Serum to naturally and safely volumize the lips. The Lip Revitalizing Serum contains key ingredients such as peony extract, aloe leaf extract and peppermint oil. These ingredients combine to moisturize and hydrate the skin. Hydrating Lip Balm SPF 30 uses beeswax, vitamin E and extra virgin olive oil to calm the skin and while protecting and maintaining long- lasting hydration.
After treatment, Clients get to take home the Lip Revitalizing Serum and the Hydrating Lip Balm SPF 30 for easy at-home maintenance of their beautiful results.






What Is Coolsculpting Treatment?
Coolsculpting is Non-surgical! No longer is surgery required for real, measurable results. Patients can lose inches of fat and ensure that fat cells are permanently gone, with no incisions, stitches or scars. Surgical Liposuction was once the only effective method available to permanently remove stubborn pockets of fat on the body. Liposuction as we know it is a significant financial commitment for many people. As well, like any surgery, Liposuction comes with inherent health and safety risks, including the risk of bleeding, risks associated with a general anesthetic, and scarring. Furthermore, Liposuction surgery can result in lumpy, uneven distribution of the remaining fat in a treatment area.
The compression garments, postoperative activity restrictions and downtime required are also important considerations for anyone who chooses Liposuction surgery. So, if you don’t want to spend large sums of money and would rather not accept the safety risks or scars related to cosmetic surgery, you are not alone. Discover what countless others already have about the amazing science of Coolsculpting.

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Philosophy Of Beauty Clinic
Philosophy of Beauty, which started out in 2015 has quickly blossomed. The space has more than tripled in size in the last few years. Every day, the staff are busy serving clients in five individual treatment rooms with , a managing Registered Nurse, two Nurse Practioners, a Doctor and several medical esthetic technicians and support staff. The philosophy behind the success of this clinic is –is built on the foundation that medical beauty aesthetic procedures should be delivered with the highest quality, natural looking and , accessible. Philosophy of Beauty was established by Dinara Shakirova RN, who recognized the need for a local medical esthetics clinic that offers exceptional results using only the best products and services on the market, while providing a friendly, personalized touch. Inspired by her four beautiful and flourishing children, Dinara, who is a single mother, set out to create a warm, friendly environment where each client is welcomed with a smile and treated as a VIP.

80 Glen Shields Ave Unit 5 (On Dufferin, Just North Of Steeles)
Vaughan, ON L4K 1T7

(647) 931-3767