The BBQ Eats Fest Starts THIS Friday until Sunday!

Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Wondering about what The BBQ EATS is all about? Picture a bunch of chefs battling it out cooking amazing dishes for a chance to win $10,000! I am so excited to try different types of foods and eat. My 7 year old carnivore daughter is super excited too. Don’t eat meat? There are vegetarian options.

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How Does It Work?
It is not mandatory, but I recommend getting your Free Admission Tickets online. It gets you in the park at opening time, bypasses the Admission line faster.

Here is where you can sign up for the free tickets:

Ontario Place: West Island (955 Lakeshore Blvd. West)

Parking Cost
The cost of parking is $25 for the day. The event is also TTC accessible for your convenience.

Closed Parking Lot
Lot #1 is situated right under a set of stairs which leads you right to the bridge.

The BBQ Eats Festival has a FREE shuttle bus to and from The Exhibition GO Station! This runs every ten minutes.

While entrance admission and the stage entertainment are free, there are some costs. Here are the costs so your family can budget wisely for the weekend.

The BBQ Eats Festival runs on tickets.
When you arrive, you will purchase your tickets. It’s $15 for your first 10 tickets and then $10 for 10 tickets after that. Your paying family member will receive a stamp after the first 10 tickets, so they can get the $10 for 10 for any purchases after this. The tickets will be your “money” for the event.

There will be stations all throughout the event where you can get tickets.
There is an unadvertised ticket booth to the right of the Entertain Kids On A Dime Building. This is for families to purchase tickets without waiting in large lines.

Food Costs range from on average from 2-9 tickets depending on the size and type of Food you buy.

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How To Find Us
When you come in from the entrance bridge, go to the right. You will see white buildings. We are the end one to the right of the stage.

Kids Hours
Friday: 6pm-10pm
Saturday: 12pm-10pm
Sunday: 12pm-7pm

What your wrist band covers
•Bouncy Castle
•The Entertain Kids Pavilion (Indoor)

Joy Tween Spa
Get your nails done and be ready to strut your stuff and show off your fun polish from Joy Tween Spa.

Bricks 4 Kidz
Get your creative minds ready to build different creations with the staff from Bricks 4 Kidz.

SandsAlive Play
This indoor sand is blue and addictive. Your child gets some sand toys and gets to dig in!

Soap My Ride
You will be making bubble solution and taking it home. This is a take away hands on craft.

Bounce Entertainment
Your family will be enjoying some great tunes by Bounce Entertainment, who are an awesome DJ Company!

* Foosball Table (Sponsored by: The Phone App BEHAVE & BEHAVE BUDDY)
* Air Hockey Table (Sponsored by: PASCALE- DI POCE LAW)
* Arcade Basketball (Sponsored by: PANDA MANDARIN)
* Putting Green (Sponsored by: ME REAL ESTATE)
* Giant Jenga (Sponsored by: CLICK THE MOUSE)
* Giant Connect 4 (Sponsored by: LIL MISS DRESS UP)

Melon Head Hair (Friday Only)
Get your hair coloured with safe wash out spray. Try a rainbow of colours and glitter! Just have fun with it!

 Let’s Make It (Saturday Only)
Get Creative! The team from Let’s Make It will be doing a fun spa craft with you!

Reptilia (Saturday & Sunday Only)
The amazing zoo keepers from Reptilia will be showcasing their scaled friends. You will get a chance to come and pet the animals. How brave are you?

PVP Sports (Saturday & Sunday Only)
Practice your skills shooting down some cans using bows and soft arrows.

Paramount Ice (Saturday & Sunday Only)
He shoots he scores! Practice your Hockey Skills with the Paramount team!

Magic With Aaron Mathews (Saturday at 1pm)
Come and check out some magic from the amazing Aaron Mathews. He will keep your kids entertained.

Minikinz (Sunday Only)
Coming from the Polynesian island of Motunui, you will get meet the amazing Princess Moana.

* Please make sure your kids are supervised while inside the building.

All Day Wristband Unlimited Access
(Includes all activities above and the bouncy castle)
10 Tickets Per Child
Parents are Free


Tropical Combo

Event Freebie
Get a free bottle of Heinz ketchup with your family’s photo on it.

Restaurant Recommendation
The Greek Grill
Chicken is 5 tickets. Add a pita for 1 ticket. Their portions are generous.

In front of the Entertain Kids On A Dime building we are selling $1 water, $2 freezies, and $4 fresh pop popcorn.

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