Make Your Own Hatchimal

Make Your Own Hatchimal

How To Make Your Own Hatchimal

Here’s a DIY activity and it will help you save some money!
For those of you who can’t find a Hatchimal, here is a great craft for you.

We created a Draggle Hatchimal. I choose it because I found socks in the same colours.

What you need to Make A Draggle Hatchimal
All items can be found at the Dollarama


For The Hatchimal
•2 Large Foam Balls
•2 Different Colour fluffy socks
•Large googley eyes (we used coloured)
•Glue Gun
•Permanent Marker
•Foam coloured paper

For the Egg
•1 Balloon
•White tissue paper (large pieces)
•Elmers White Glue
•Permanent markers
•Paint Brush
•Plastic or Paper cup

Hatchimal Directions
1. Take the two foam balls and cut a tiny piece off the end for each one, so it is flat.

2. Glue one of the balls on the flat bottom to the circular side of the other ball. Let it dry. 

3. Put the sock over the balls and pull it tightly over them.

4. Cut off the remainder of the sock and glue it to cover the whole bottom of the Hatchimal.

5. Glue on the eyes.
6. Using your foam paper, cut out two wings and two rain drops (for the beak). Glue them in place.

7. Cut a patch of the other colour sock and glue it to the stomach of your Hatchimal.



Egg Directions
1. Blow up a balloon and place it in a cup.

2. Mix Elmers white glue with water in a cup or bowl.

3. Paint the balloon with the glue mix, and stick the tissue over it. Make about 4 layers (You can dry it with a hair dryer to speed up the process).

4. Pop the balloon and from the bottom of your egg, and draw coloured dots with permanent markers. 
5. Place your Hatchimal in the bottom of the egg (You may have to rip it open a little).
6. Tape up the rip on the bottom of your Egg.

To Hatch
Just shake it up and rip it open!



Congrats you just made a Hatchimal and saved money! I bet 1 in 3 kids leave them in the house collecting dust within two days.

You can thank me later!