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Lovable Labels is giving away a Personalized Back To School Value Pack for 3 Lucky Entertain Kids On A Dime Facebook Members.

*Add FIVE of your Facebook Friends into our Entertain Kids On A Dime Facebook Group.
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After You Add Them:
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Instructions On How To Add Friends:
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*Click on ADD MEMBER and type in a friends name. You will see next to their name that it says ADD. Click on the ADD and it will show a check mark that says ADDED.
*If one if your friends already has a check mark next to their name, they are already added to the group, and this does NOT count as an ADD.

Link To My Facebook Group:

The contest closes on Thursday, July 31, 2014 at 10pm. The winner will be announced on Sunday, August 3, 2014. The prize winner will be contacted by a private Facebook message.
*You must live in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

How The Winners Are Chosen:
The Winners will be privately messaged through Facebook. They must provide me with their list of five friends. I will cross reference their names (I can see who added each member) and if the names match, they will win a prize pack.

The 3 Winners Will Each Receive ONE Back To School Value Pack. They will be able to personalize this with one child’s name per pack.

15 Sticker Labels
80 Slimline Labels
12 Shoe Labels
48 Press n’ Stick Clothing DOTS™
2 Mini-Metal Tag (two 4” silver ball chain incld)
12 Square Labels

These labels are good for: lunch containers, water bottles, gym shoes, clothing articles, ect…

Features: Dishwasher and Microwave Safe, Waterproof, UV Resistant, Peel & Stick



Free Shipping to Canada as well as $5 off their Back to School Packs. Promotion runs until July 31st:

Balloon Pop Rocks Experiment



This Science Experiment was really cool. Both kids were fascinated by this. Since they are only 4 and 2 years old, they couldn’t appreciate the reasoning for this, like an older child would. We still had a fun time watching the balloon expand!

What You’ll Need
Plastic Bottle of soda
Pack of Pop Rocks or a Box of Wonka Nerds (Either will work fine)

Attach a balloon to the bottom of a funnel.
Pour the Pop Rocks or Nerds into the balloon.
Carefully stretch the opening of the balloon to cover the opening of the bottle (DO NOT TO SPILL OUT YOUR CANDY).


Then stand up the balloon and shake the ingredients into the bottle.
Wait and you will see the reaction as your balloon inflates.

Why Does This Happen?
This is what you can explain to your children:

Pop Rocks candy is pressurized carbon dioxide gas. Each of the tiny little candy pebbles contains a small amount of the gas.
The balloon inflates from the carbon dioxide contained in the candy. The candy isn’t enough to start the inflation. The soda will cause this because it is pressurized carbon dioxide gas.
Once you have dropped the candy into the soda, the carbon dioxide gas will cause the balloon to inflate because it has nowhere to go in the bottle.




Edible Beach Party



My sister recently had a beach themed pool party. My children and I offered to make something fun to put as an edible centre piece. These are great for hosting a playdate, party, or to bring to someone else’s home.

The kids and I had a fun time making this and the party goers really liked them. The tray was eaten up.
All of the items (except for the blue jello) was purchased at the Dollarama. The brown sugar is in the food aisle and the umbrella tooth picks should be in the outdoor/camping aisle.

*Beach Party


What You’ll Need
Clear Tray
1 bag of brown sugar
Wrapped caramel cubes
Teddy bear cookies
Rainbow candy strips
Umbrella Tooth picks

Pour brown sugar on your tray. Pat it down. This is your pretend sand.
Cut your rainbow candy strips in half so you have two small pretend towels.
Line up your towels in two rows.
Lay your bears on all of the towels.
Unwrap your caramels and put them in a row in between the two towel rows.
Open your tooth pick umbrellas and stick them in the caramels to hold them still.

*Pool Party

What You’ll Need

4 Clear plastic bowls or small foil bowls
Package of blue jello mix
Package of gummy life savers Instructions
1 bag of brown sugar
Teddy bear cookies
Large Paper plates or 2 small trays
Wrapped caramel cubes (optional)
Rainbow candy strips (optional)
Umbrella Tooth picks (optional)

In a bag bowl, make a batch of blue jello as directed on the box. Once you have mixed it, put it into your small bowls.
Put them in the fridge to set.
Once your jello bowls are ready, put two bowls on each plate or tray.
Spread out life saver candies in each bowl.
Put the teddy bears on top of each life saver.
Put brown sugar (your sand) around the bowls.

This part is optional:
If you are making the Beach Party above, you can put some candy strips, teddy bears, caramels with the umbrellas around the plate/tray.

Enjoy! You can let your guests know that all of the beach & pool party is edible but the umbrellas!




On the weekend my husband and I took our kids to Whittamores Farm in Markham. Our kids loved it. We were there for a few hours and could barely get them out of there. Although they do have seasonal fruits and vegetable picking, that day we just came to play.

The kind owners of Whittamores Farm are giving away a prize pack to two lucky group members. Each pack has 6 complimentary day passes to the Farm.

TO BE ENTERED IN DRAW # 1: Join my Facebook Group and SHARE my Official Contest post from my wall. (If you are not in my Facebook group, here is the link:

TO BE ENTERED IN DRAW # 2: Email subscribe to my blog Entertain Kids On A Dime. You do this by scrolling down to the VERY BOTTOM of this page. Click on the bar that says “FOLLOW BLOG VIA EMAIL.” Then type in your email address, and click “Follow.” You will receive an email that confirms that you have subscribed to my blog. (If you have already subscribed, you are automatically entered into the draw)

The Prize:The Giveaway is for2 Winners. Each Winner gets 6 Complimentary day passes to Whittamores Farm in Markham. Contest Details: The contest closes on Friday, July 18, 2014 at 10pm. The winner will be announced on Sunday, July 20, 2014 The prize winner will be contacted by email.

*You must live in the Province of Ontario, Canada.


Fun Activities To Do At Whittamores Farm:
– Punchin’ Maze Game
– Bugs n’ Buckets Sand Toy Lot
– Wagon Rides (Daily 11:30, 2:00 & 4:30, Weather Permitting)
– Farm Animals
– Tractors n’ Trucks Sand Toy Lot
– Playhouses & Climbers
– Wooden Milking Cow & Goat
– Animated Singing Chicken Show
– Farm Bouncer (Daily until Labour Day, 10:30 am to 4:30 pm, Weather Permitting)
– Combine Climber & Silo Slide
– Tractor Tire Climb
– Rock n’ Ride Horseplay
– Horse Swings
– Spider Web Climb
– Pedal Tractor Track
– Giant Tree Fort & Slide
– Strawberry Mountain & Turbo Slide
– Duckie Races (extra charges apply)
– Nature Trail
– Jumbo Pumpkin Jumper *NEW* (Daily until Labour Day, 10:30 am to 4:30 pm, Weather Permitting)
– Jumbo Corn Jumper *NEW* (Daily until Labour Day, 10:30 am to 4:30 pm, Weather Permitting)

*You can buy lunch there or bring your own picnic. They have plenty of shaded areas with picnic benches.


View of the farm entrance


My selfie on the corn jumper. (My kids were too busy jumping to pose!)


The giant slide! My kids had so much fun!


Large Sensory Blob

Let me start off by saying that this was my third attempt at creating a water blob. I looked at different ways to do it on the internet.

The first time I went to Lowes and bought a large plastic drop sheet and strong duct tape. I spent $20 and wasted time duct taping all around the edges. The blob leaked and flattened. This was a FAIL!

The second time I went to the Dollarama and bought a plastic drop sheet, duct tape and parchment paper. I ironed along the edges. The blob leaked out and deflated. Again this was a FAIL!

My third try was a WIN! In fact, I should have made two or three of them and filled them up side by side so the kids had more areas to play on.

*Large Sensory Blob*

What You’ll Need
XL size space saver storage ($2 each at the Dollarama)
Duct tape ($1 at the Dollarama)

Scrap items to put inside the bag. (We put in mini rubber dinosaurs, pom poms, a foam ball and different colours of cut up tissue paper. Other ideas you can do is feathers, small soft rubber toys, and leaves).

Don’t touch the cap part on the bag. Leave sealed.
Slightly open a small piece of the ziplock side of the bag (enough to put a hose inside).
Do this with the other one or two bags (if you are using more then one).
Put in your sensory items. Lay the bag flat on the side that doesn’t have the cap part (so the children won’t hurt their feet).
Lay the other bags next to each other in a row so they are touching one another.
Fill the first bag with water. When finished, seal the bag shut.
If there are any holes you can patch them with duct tape. We only had one hole to patch that my two year old purposely made.
Repeat with the other two bags.
Make sure the kids wait until all bags are sealed shut before playing on them.
Have fun!




Kids Disability Tax Credits: Yours May Be A Candidate



Entertain Kids On A Dime would like to introduce you to our new sponsor RiverPoint Financial. They are a reliable Company that has personally helped me receive money for one of my children.

RiverPoint Financial will assist you with getting back tax credits for children with disabilities and medical conditions.

Examples of these include:

  • ADD
  • ADHD
  • ODD
  • Autism
  • Other disabilities or medical conditions that will affect the quality of your child’s day to day life.

You can receive a cheque for thousands of dollars.

I am very onboard with promoting this Company, since they have helped me receive a cheque for $10,000 which I used to pay for tutoring services and camp.

If your child has been diagnosed with a disability or a medical condition, please contact LEE at: 1-888-383-8999 or

I have set up a charitable program with RiverPoint Financial. If you tell them you heard about them through Jennifer OR Entertain Kids On A Dime, a portion of their proceeds will go toward Sick Kids Hospital.

Should you have further concerns or questions, feel free to contact me at: