Edible Beach Party

Edible Beach Party



My sister recently had a beach themed pool party. My children and I offered to make something fun to put as an edible centre piece. These are great for hosting a playdate, party, or to bring to someone else’s home.

The kids and I had a fun time making this and the party goers really liked them. The tray was eaten up.
All of the items (except for the blue jello) was purchased at the Dollarama. The brown sugar is in the food aisle and the umbrella tooth picks should be in the outdoor/camping aisle.

*Beach Party


What You’ll Need
Clear Tray
1 bag of brown sugar
Wrapped caramel cubes
Teddy bear cookies
Rainbow candy strips
Umbrella Tooth picks

Pour brown sugar on your tray. Pat it down. This is your pretend sand.
Cut your rainbow candy strips in half so you have two small pretend towels.
Line up your towels in two rows.
Lay your bears on all of the towels.
Unwrap your caramels and put them in a row in between the two towel rows.
Open your tooth pick umbrellas and stick them in the caramels to hold them still.

*Pool Party

What You’ll Need

4 Clear plastic bowls or small foil bowls
Package of blue jello mix
Package of gummy life savers Instructions
1 bag of brown sugar
Teddy bear cookies
Large Paper plates or 2 small trays
Wrapped caramel cubes (optional)
Rainbow candy strips (optional)
Umbrella Tooth picks (optional)

In a bag bowl, make a batch of blue jello as directed on the box. Once you have mixed it, put it into your small bowls.
Put them in the fridge to set.
Once your jello bowls are ready, put two bowls on each plate or tray.
Spread out life saver candies in each bowl.
Put the teddy bears on top of each life saver.
Put brown sugar (your sand) around the bowls.

This part is optional:
If you are making the Beach Party above, you can put some candy strips, teddy bears, caramels with the umbrellas around the plate/tray.

Enjoy! You can let your guests know that all of the beach & pool party is edible but the umbrellas!