1) Go to:

2) On the top right corner of the page, click on the yellow sign that says: “LOGIN OR REGISTER”

3) Click on “LOGIN” and enter your Email and Password

4) On the top Right, click where it says WELCOME (and your name)

5) Click On “ACCOUNT”

6) Scroll over ITEMS, and click ADD NEW

7) Enter Your Business Name

8) In the wide open box underneath, add a detailed description about your Company.

9) Go to the right side of the page where it says ITEM Categories, and click on the main and subcategories that your business offers.

10) Click on ITEM LOCATIONS and click on the Part of Ontario and Region you are located in.

11) Scroll down to where it says ITEM IMAGE, click on SET ITEM IMAGE, and Put in your COVER PHOTO (you can use the same one as your Facebook business page)

12) Where it says Business Logo, Click UPLOAD and put in your logo.

13) If you have a COMPANY VIDEO, click on the bar where it says YOUTUBE or VIMEO, then add in your video link.

17) If you would like to show your business hours, where it says SHOW, click the OFF to ON

18) Write in your business hours next to each day of the week.

19) Where it says SOCIAL click the OFF button to ON.

Right below this, click on ADD NEW ITEM

Then click on ICON (click the type of social media icon)

Under where it says LINK, put in the website that matches your corresponding icon.

Continue this until you have put in all of your social media icons.

20) Where it says GALLERY, click the OFF button to ON.

Right below this, click on ADD NEW ITEM

Choose the title of your image

Click on SELECT IMAGE and choose an image

Continue this until you have added 3-5 photos.

21) Where it says ADVANCED FILTERS, click on the list to find any accommodations that your business offers.

The choices are: Accepts Credit Cards, Brick & Mortar, Concierge Service, Deals Available, Discounts on Admission, Easy to Access, Free Wifi, Good For Groups, Pet Friendly, Serves Food, Ships or Delivers, and Takes Reservations

22) Scroll up to the top right of the Page, and click the button that says PUBLISH



Make sure to join the applicable Entertain Kids Facebook Groups. If someone asks for a referral where you can put your business, please respond to their comment saying “I am on the Entertain Kids Business Directory” and then you can post your website link, Facebook Page link or Entertain Kids On A Dime directory link.
Here are the groups. Please join the Facebook groups that suit your business category.

Entertain Kids On A Dime, Entertain Kids: Parenting, Entertain Adults On A Dime, Entertain EATS On A Dime, Entertain Pets On A Dime, Family Vacays By Entertain Kids On A Dime, and General Inquiries By Entertain Kids On A Dime