How To Throw A Squid Games Birthday Party

How To Throw A Squid Games Birthday Party

For my son’s 10th birthday this past December, I allowed him to invite 10 boys over to play a “non-violent” version of the Squid Games. We called it the “Squad Games”. I informed all the parents what we were doing prior to the party. The show itself is very violent but the games played on it are just children’s games. 

How I did it:
I bought a bunch of prizes for the big winner and wrapped it in cellophane and hung it up. I also bought little toys to give out to each child for participating.

On name tag stickers, I wrote each child’s name a their assigned number.

We played 4 of the games from the show. I created a score keeper sheet to keep track of the points. Below I have posted Amazon affiliate links so you can purchase items for the party.

Game #1- Red Light Green Light
This is a very simple game. All children stand at one end of the room. When the organizer calls out Green Light, they must head to the other side of the room. When red light is called the kids must freeze. If the child moves, they sit out. The kids who reach the end, receive a point. (We played three rounds). No props are needed for this game.


Game #2- Tug Of War
The organizer divides kids into two teams. The children have a tug of war competition. The winning team will receive a point. (We played three rounds and changed up the teams)


Game #3 – Marble Game
I put the 10 marbles in little sacks for each child prior to the party. Each child receives a bag full of marbles. Kids are then divided in teams of two. The object of the game is to play to win all of your partners marbles. The winner from each pair gets a point.
How To Play Marbles:
Each Player takes a turn hiding marbles behind their back. The player who is not hiding the marbles will guess even or odd. Let’s say the guess is even. The player will then reveal the marbles in their hand. If the player has an even amount of numbers, they must give the marbles in their hand to the other player. If the player had an odd number of marbles, then they get to keep their marbles. The player who collects all of the marbles at the end of the round wins.


Game #4 – Dalgona Cookie Challenge
Each child is given a dalgona Cookie on a plate with a tooth pick. Each cookie has a shape engraved in it (circle, square, triangle or umbrella). The kids have 10 minutes to cut out their shape from their cookie without breaking the shape. If they break their shape, they are out. The winners who are able to cut out their shape without breaking it, during the allotted time, will win a point. The kids got to eat their cookies after.

After the games were played, I tallied the points. The winner with the most points received a big bag of toys. I gave all of the kids pop-it fidget spinners for participating. 

After we played the games, we had cake. If there is free time you can watch a family friendly movie and colour the colouring sheet print-outs below.

Party Supply Shopping  List:
Tug Of War 
Marble Game 
Sacks for Marbles 
Dalgona Cookies 
Tooth Picks for cookies 
Grand Prize for Winner
Participant Prizes

Other Ideas To Add:
Colouring Sheets