Magic Fest Deal

Magic Fest Deal

MAGIC FEST is an exciting event that will air on YouTube over Family Day Weekend (Friday, February 18, 2022 at 6:30pm EST).

Families who purchase tickets will receive a private YouTube link emailed to them on the day of the show.
This video will be featuring 6 amazing Ontario Magicians: Magic Of Christophe, Magic Ian, Magic Pete, Mega Magic Mike, Bumbling Bert and The Magic Of Aaron Matthews.
Each Magician will be performing one trick and then teach a second trick to the kids using common items in the home.

The goal behind this event is to bring joy to families everywhere through the love of magic.

With the lockdown back on, it is hard for many Entertainers to find steady work as events are now limited.  All proceeds from the event will be split equally among each entertainer.

So get your tickets, and be ready to cuddle in your pjs with your family while away on vacation or cozy in your home!

Get 30% Off your ticket until January 25, 2022!

Price before the deal
$15 +taxes per family

Use Code: EKOAD30

Everyone who purchases tickets will be automatically entered into a draw to win one of FIVE $20 gift cards to The Browser’s Den Of Magic in Toronto!
The Browser’s Den Of Magic is only one of two brick and mortar magic shops in CANADA!

Christophe as been a professional magician for more than 25 years and has performed for audiences all over Canada. He was born Sudbury and raised in North Bay Ontario from the age of 3. Chris began performing magic shows at the age of twelve, beginning with testing magic tricks out on his parents and four brothers, soon moving on to birthday parties and working his way up to weddings, malls, schools, hospitals and company functions.


Cause Magic + Ian = Magician. Magic Ian has been performing for over 35 years, more than 6000 performances, including for Justin Bieber at his home in Stratford. Performing kids and family shows, mentalism and comedy magic for adults, and excellent mind-bending close up magic.


Magic Pete, a children’s author and magician, has been spreading the magic to special events, restaurants and parties for over 15 years. Let him add a little more fun, magic and excitement for you.


Mike D’Urzo is an international award-winning magician & mentalist. As the founder and creative director of Mega Magic, he performs in hundreds of shows annually for some of the largest corporations, theaters, theme parks, festivals and television networks.

Do you love the thrill and wonder of magic? Bumbling Bert has owned his own entertainment company since 1988 and one thing remains the same: his commitment to bringing smiles and laughter to the faces of family and friends… only now, they are YOUR family and friends.
He lives in beautiful Mississauga, Ontario and have four fantastic children. They think he have the best job in the world… and do you know what? He does too!

Aaron’s show is a unique mix of gut busting laughter, high energy dancing, impossible miracles, inspiring stories and shocking moments! He has been seen on countless programs such as YTV, CTV, E Talk, Family Channel, Breakfast Television and Disney Channel. He’s a regular at major Canadian attractions such as Canada’s Wonderland, Illusionairum & West Edmonton Mall, as well as numerous resorts in the Caribbean! Currently Aaron’s creating one of a kind illusions and teaching magic to other magicians around the world inside one of the largest international magic magazines!

* Is this show live?
Our show is not live. Each performer will be creating their engaging acts specifically for our show in advance. Live videos are unpredictable with a chance of freezing and poor quality, and we want your kids to have an uninterrupted experience.

* What if I am unavailable to attend at the set time?
We will be emailing you a private link to view the show right before our set time at the start of family day weekend: Friday, February 18, 2022 at 6:30pm. Your private link will be available to you until Monday, February 21, 2022 at 11pm. This way you have time to watch it or you can watch the show multiple times.

* How will I know what household items my kids need to learn the 6 tricks?
A week before the event you will receive an email will a list of items each child will need to perform their own tricks.

* How long is Magic Fest?
The show will run for approximately 1 hour.