Learning On A Dime – Virtual Tutors

Learning On A Dime – Virtual Tutors

Entertain Kids on a Dime has created a virtual online tutoring service, Learning on a Dime, due to the social distancing protocols that have been put in place.
Ontario Certified Teachers will be providing affordable daily LIVE tutoring sessions running weekdays at 4pm. This is a tutoring service to support and reinforce student learning at their current grade level. Learning on a Dime will provide an opportunity for students to maintain a learning structure and focus on their areas of strengths and needs. This is a continuation of your child’s journey in education.

– Runs from Monday, March 30- Friday April 3, 2020
4:00pm-5:30pm runs LIVE by an Ontario Certified Teacher
– Your children will be in a private Facebook group and placed by their grade level
– Optional Educational Extension Activities will be uploaded to the group daily at 6pm
– One subject taught per day (Math, Social Studies, Science and Literacy 2x Per Week)

– Your child will be on a structured schedule, which will ensure consistency in their lives, as students thrive when provided with structure
– Your children will be taught by Ontario Certified Teachers who will design materials and resources and facilitate online lessons to support ongoing learning at home
– We value the Importance of daily structure in a child’s life, consisting of both academic and social development
– Provide students with an opportunity to cover the essential curriculum content to support their transition back to school
– Relieve pressure and stress for parents around their child getting a consistent education

– Each day, your child’s instructor (OCT certified teacher), will guide and assist students through course content
– Children will engage in critical thinking skills-analysis and problem solving
– Ontario Certified Teachers will be delivering/covering both the Overall and Specific expectations taken directly from the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum documents
– Subjects include: Math, Social Studies, Science and Literacy (2x Per Week)
– Optional enhanced learning opportunities and enrichment activities, based on the lessons delivered, will be uploaded to the group on a daily basis. Extra materials provided each day will ensure that the learning for the day extends beyond the 100 minutes. Project Based Learning will be made available for students to complete

– Make sure your child has water and a snack
– Set your child up on their electronic device (laptop or tablet or mobile) in a quiet area and log on to your child’s grade specific Facebook group at 4:00pm.
– Leave your child at their learning station until 5:40 pm. (Depending on the age, they may need to be checked up on)
– Kids or parents can type questions to both the group and teacher between 5:30pm-5:40pm
– Optional; If the lesson requires, print learning materials (teachers will limit the amount of learning materials that will need to be printed)

EACH child will need a cell phone, iPad, OR computer with wifi

$25 +hst ($28.25) Per Child For The Week ($5 per day)

(You will receive a confirmation email once you have paid and signed up)
1) Send an e-transfer to learningonadimeinfo@gmail.com
2) Send us an email with the following (one email PER child): learningonadimeinfo@gmail.com
– Subject Heading: Your Child’s Grade (ie. Grade 6)
– Your full name
– Your child’s full name
– The name you sent your e-transfer under
– The name on the Facebook account your child is using
– Please include any information that you feel might be useful about your child (i.e., special needs, accommodations and modifications)

Join the Facebook Group Grade your child is in (we will accept you into the group once you have paid)
Facebook Group Links (ONLY join for your child’s grade)
JK/SK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/JKSKonLOAD
Grade 1: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gradeoneLOAD
Grade 2: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gradetwoLOAD
Grade 3: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gradethreeLOAD
Grade 4: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gradefourLOAD
Grade 5: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gradefiveLOAD
Grade 6: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gradesixLOAD
Grade 7: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gradesevenLOAD
Grade 8: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gradeeightLOAD

If school closures continue, you will receive an email each Friday asking if you would like to enroll in the next session for the following week.

Frequently Asked Questions?
* Why are doing this program?
We want to foster growth in student learning by enhancing student understanding of core course competencies. We are supporting students and parents in helping their children reach their academic success and potential. We are building on and developing literacy, math and STEM skills. We believe the importance of effective daily structure. We support understanding, creativity, and ingenuity. Tutoring is not only for those who need support, but for those who wish for continuity in their child’s learning.

* Why are you charging for this?
We are charging for this service because there is a tremendous number of people and effort involved to make this happen. We have done our best to keep the price fair and reasonable understanding the circumstances we are all facing together.

* Can I do further work with my kids?
Absolutely. Each day we will provide children with optional enhanced learning opportunities and enrichment activities, based on the lessons delivered.

* What if I don’t have time to do the optional enhanced and enrichment activities with my kids?
The enhanced learning opportunities and enrichment activities provided are NOT mandatory. They are optional for parents who want their children engaged in extending their learning.

* What is your plan after April 2, 2020?
We are waiting to see how the public school system will be continuing education and we will work with this to support your child’s education. You will receive an email on Friday asking if you would like to continue with our service for the following Monday.

A portion of the procceeds will be going to a local charity dealing with the Covid-19 crisis.