CoolScuplting Summer Promo (For The Adults)

CoolScuplting Summer Promo (For The Adults)

Get summer ready with a CoolSculpting Promotion at the Philosophy of Beauty Spa in Vaughan.

Promo Deal:
* Buy 5 cycles (attachments) of CoolSculpting and get 1 cycle FREE
* Buy 6 cycles (attachments) of CoolSculpting and get 2 cycles FREE

Here’s my low down on CoolSculpting…

Cool Sculpting is a machine that is placed on a part of your body by a professional. This non-invasive machine freezes the part of your body to -11 to kill fat cells.

***Each part of your body that the machine covers and freezes, is called a cycle or an attachment. Each cycle takes approximately 45 minutes.

Chin Cycles
When it comes to the chin, everyone is different. It depends where your fat sits and how much fat there is.

I needed 8 cycles on my chin area. 4 on my first visit and another 4 on my second visit, six weeks later.
My husband Darren needed 3 cycles on his chin, and only one visit was needed.

Body Cycles
CoolSculpting works best on the stomach if you have a certain body type.
I am NOT a good candidate for the tummy, arms, and thighs because I am quite overweight. Be careful who you go to and what they are selling you. I like Philosophy of
Beauty because they were honest with me. I tried a consultation with another spa last year, and they were telling me I could do my stomach and I’ll see great results because they wanted my money.

At the Philosophy Of Beauty, two staff are Registered Nurses and two staff are in nursing school. Everyone who does the CoolSculpting has a certification directly from the CoolSculpting Company.

I am excited to reveal to you the changes on my chin and my husband Darren’s chin in the next 6 weeks!!!!

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•Phone Number: 647-560-8070
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•Address: 80 Glen Shields Avenue, Unit 5
(Off Of Dufferin, two lights north of Steeles Avenue)


What Is Coolsculpting Treatment?
Coolsculpting is Non-surgical! No longer is surgery required for real, measurable results. Patients can lose inches of fat and ensure that fat cells are permanently gone, with no incisions, stitches or scars. Surgical Liposuction was once the only effective method available to permanently remove stubborn pockets of fat on the body. Liposuction as we know it is a significant financial commitment for many people. As well, like any surgery, Liposuction comes with inherent health and safety risks, including the risk of bleeding, risks associated with a general anesthetic, and scarring. Furthermore, Liposuction surgery can result in lumpy, uneven distribution of the remaining fat in a treatment area.
The compression garments, postoperative activity restrictions and downtime required are also important considerations for anyone who chooses Liposuction surgery. So, if you don’t want to spend large sums of money and would rather not accept the safety risks or scars related to cosmetic surgery, you are not alone. Discover what countless others already have about the amazing science of Coolsculpting.

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Philosophy Of Beauty Clinic
Philosophy of Beauty, which started out in 2015 has quickly blossomed. The space has more than tripled in size in the last few years. Every day, the staff are busy serving clients in five individual treatment rooms with , a managing Registered Nurse, two Nurse Practitioners, a Doctor and several medical esthetic technicians and support staff. The philosophy behind the success of this clinic is –is built on the foundation that medical beauty aesthetic procedures should be delivered with the highest quality, natural looking and , accessible. Philosophy of Beauty was established by Dinara Shakirova RN, who recognized the need for a local medical esthetics clinic that offers exceptional results using only the best products and services on the market, while providing a friendly, personalized touch. Inspired by her four beautiful and flourishing children, Dinara, who is a single mother, set out to create a warm, friendly environment where each client is welcomed with a smile and treated as a VIP.

80 Glen Shields Ave Unit 5 (On Dufferin, Just North Of Steeles)
Vaughan, ON L4K 1T7

(647) 931-3767