Disney Cruise Hacks & Tips

Disney Cruise Hacks & Tips


I have just announced the three Disney cruise trips through Entertain Kids On A Dime. I thought it would be fun to share some fun TIPS & HACKS with all of you.

*Suitcase Storage
You can store your suitcase under your bed.

*Dirty Laundry
I recommend bringing a few clear garbage bags. Once you fill a bag up with dirty clothes, you can store it in your suitcase under your bed.

*Cubby Cubes
I packed our clothing in Cubby Cubes. Cubby Cubes are square bags that you label and put your clothes in. Each one of my family members have a different colour set, and I can keep our clothing compact and organized by putting them on the top of the dresser and in the closet.

*Bring An “Over The Door” Shoe Bag
You can use this bag to store shoes, or items you often use like a hair brush, sunscreen or sunglasses.

*Toiletries You Do NOT Need To Pack
The room comes equipped with Disney Themed lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and aloe.

*Bring An Empty Gift Card
You need to have your room card in the slot to keep the power on in your cabin. To avoid taking your room card in and out of your lanyard, put an empty gift card inside to keep your power on.

*Bring Magnets
Create your own magnets or purchase some Disney ones and decorate the outside of your door.

*Fish Extenders
Fish extenders are like a Secret Santa. You get connected with other families who want to participate, and you are given a list of room numbers. You drop off your loot bags at all of the room doors, and your kids will get them too.

Most items on the Room Service menu is FREE. There are also some goodies not listed on the menu that you can order. You can get Mickey Ice cream pops, and the dessert of the day.

Disney doesn’t mess around with their on board channels. Some of the channels include¬†Disney movies, Disney Pixar movies, retro cartoons, and more. My kids loved watching them at night before bed.

* Bring Candy
Bring your favourite gummies or candy from home. When it is time to see a movie or show, you can avoid purchasing candy on the ship at a higher price.

* Bring Outside Drinks
On the pool deck, you will find paper cups and fountain drinks. Fill some up and bring them with you to the show.

* Buy The Popcorn Reusable Containers
My family loves movie theatre popcorn. We bought a reusable container for $11 and would bring it back each night to the theatre for $2 refills. It was a better value than buying bags each night.

If pampering your children isn’t on your cruise budget, you can bring your kids in to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique to get pixie dust sprinkled in their hair at no cost.

* Pool Deck Beverages
If you head to the pool deck at all hours, you can take soda, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate to go.

* Indecisive At Dinner?
If you can’t decide which meal you like most at dinner, you could order a second meal on the menu.

* Free Fancy Drinks
At dinner, you can get the kids a Non Alcoholic Beverage like a Roy Rogers or Shirley Temple at no extra cost.

8) CASTAWAY CAY (Disney’s Private Island)
When you get off the ship at Castaway Cay Island, you walk about 50-100 feet to a shuttle bus. The shuttle takes you to multiple spots all over the island. It is best to get your towels and put them on your lawn chair as soon as you get there.

*Buy A Lanyard and Clear Card Holder
Head to your closest Dollar Store and purchase two lanyards and two clear card holders. This is the easiest place to keep your room key on you without losing it. You can buy Disney lanyard on the ship, but it is not cheap.

Pack your Disney Costumes. Kids (And Adults) are always walking around the ship in costumes. One night we all decided to wear our Disney ears to dinner.
There is a Pirate Night on the ship. You get a complimentary bandanna, but if you want to go all out, you can bring up pirate costumes!

*Formal Clothes
Longer cruises generally have a formal night. Some families dress really fancy that night. If you like to dress up nice, bring everyone formal clothes.

*An Empty Pillow Case or Blank T-Shirt
If you don’t have the time to venture around for every character meet and greet, you can drop off an empty pillow case or blank t-shirt at the front desk on your first day of the cruise. At the end of the cruise when you pick it up, it will have all of the Disney characters autographs.

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