Brooklyn’s Review Of Camp Wahanowin

Brooklyn’s Review Of Camp Wahanowin

My daughter Brooklyn just got back from a two week stay at Camp Wahanowin in Orillia.
Although I attended this camp for two summers as a child, I feel like this review should be told through the eyes of my 8 year old daughter.
I thought it would be most authentic if I provided Brooklyn with a series of questions and she answer them honestly. I am not editing nor am I probing her for any of her responses.
I am typing her answers as she says them. Therefore her answers may not sound grammatically correct.

Brooklyn’s Review Of Camp Wahanowin

How was Camp overall?
It was so fun. I was never bored. It was the best experience I ever got.

How many kids were in your cabin?
8 Kids.

Did you make new friends?
Yes everyone in my cabin was nice.

What were your counsellors like?
They were like parents … bit a little bit different. I learned a lot about one of my counsellors. She sung to us at night. She should be on America’s Got Talent.

What was your favourite meal?
Lunch: Chicken Fingers

What were your top 3 land activities?
1) Trapeze
2) Bungee Jumping
3) Pottery

What were your top 3 water activities?
1) Waterpark
2) The Waha Princess Boat
3) Tubing

What was your favourite night time program?
The opening night ceremonies. It was so festive. I got to watch a good video. I got to see everyone.

What Camp play did you see?
Beauty And The Beast. I really liked it.

What happened when you got the flu?
I had a tummy ache and a fever. I slept one night at the health centre. The beds were very comfortable and it was cool in the room. There was a Doctor there. They had DVDs there. I watched the movie Annie.

Name a fear you had and how you overcame it?
I was scared of jumping off the second level of the Waha Princess boat and swing on the trapeze, but I did it this year.

What was your favourite treat from the tuck shop?
A rainbow slushies and smarties. Sometimes I would pour my smarties into my slushies and drink it.

Were you on the top or bottom bunk?
I was on the top bunk. I chose the top.

What did you do when it was lights out each night?
Some people would do flashlight time and pointed it around, but I just went to sleep because I was tired.

What makes Camp Wahanowin so special?
It reminds me of being free, and learning how to do new fun stuff.

What would you tell the parents who are unsure about sending their kids to sleepover camp?
I would tell them that you should send them to Wahanowin. Your kid will love it there. After I came back from Wahanowin, I was very brave. Your kid will have a lot of fun there.

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