Sky Zone Ultimate Warrior Course Review

Sky Zone Ultimate Warrior Course Review

My kids are always excited to go to Sky Zone Vaughan. The trampolines, climbing rope, foam pit, and sky slam have always kept them busy and happy. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more fun, Sky Zone Vaughan has expanded with a new attraction. Behold the NEW Ultimate Warrior Course!

There are two new sections at Sky Zone.

The Ultimate Warrior Course
There are three obstacle courses that test your agility and strength. There is an easier one, a medium one, and a challenging one.
Let’s just say when you are old, uncoordinated, and unfit, like myself, they are all looking challenging. I tried the easiest course and I really felt like a kid again. I loved the ball zip line. I saw my kids and husband try to conquer the medium course. They did a pretty good job. For the hardest course, you need to be taller, and able to hold your own weight in your arms. It was too challenging for my two kids to try.


The Warped Wall
The warped wall has three size curved walls. You run and try to climb the wall. If you can pull your body up, you climb to the top of the platform, and slide down the pole to come back down. My son and husband conquered the smallest wall. I, on the other hand, am a big klutz. My friends always call me Bridget Jones. I ran down the wall and and did a tumble. At least I could make everyone around me laugh!


I would highly recommend trying these new attractions. We will 100% be back to visit.

To use the warped wall and ultimate warrior course, you must be 6 years of age or older.

There are also ultimate warrior courses at the Sky Zone Mississauga and Whitby locations.

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