Hoverboard & Hovercart Deals!

Hoverboard & Hovercart Deals!

My neighbour owns a Company called Backyard Lifestyles. His warehouse is located in Vaughan.
I like working with him because all of his products are higher end and good quality.

For those of you who want a fun street toy, I highly recommend the hoverboard and hovercart. If you already have the hoverboard, you will just need the cart. This cart is the biggest hit on my street.  I want to steal it from my kids and have my own fun!

I am taking the orders for them. 

I will need about 25 of each item ordered to get it delivered to his warehouse. It takes him about a day to get the items shipped to him. Then you will be told you can pick them up, or Backyard Lifestyles can ship it out to you.

The Hoverboard is the skateboard looking contraption with wheels. The hovercart is the seat and foot rest that clips over the cart. If you already have the hoverboard, you will only need the cart. If you do not have one, you will need both pieces. 

Deal Prices:
• Hovercart $100 + tax
• Hoverboard $235 + tax

Shipping is $20 per item
You can pick up for free at the Backyard Lifestyles warehouse at 570 Applewood Crescent in Vaughan (not until I give you the go ahead so it’s in the warehouse)

The hover board colours are blue, red, or back.

1) Weight limit is 200lbs
2) On average the battery lasts 1.5-2 hours on a full charge
3) To get a full charge you need to charge the unit 6-8 hours
4) This is not waterproof
5) There is a 30 Day warranty on the manufacturing defects only. They will not take anything back if the item gets damaged due to negligence.

Brand: New Ride Technologies
6.5 Inch Hoverboard
Front Light
Carrying Bag
UL 2272 Certified

Brand: New Ride Technologies
Adjustable Go Kart Cart
Stand Seat for a 6.5/8/10 Inch Hoverboard

How To Order
Contact Me
**If you are shipping to your home, please be ready with your credit card numbers, email, and addresses.

To Reach Me: send me an email at entertainkidsonadime@hotmail.com

Here is a video on how it works…