Glama Gal DIY Spa Party

Glama Gal DIY Spa Party

Glama Gal Tween Spa rocks for so many reasons. Besides their amazing parties at their 9 locations, and their mobile Spa, they are now offering a take home party box that allows you to throw a memorable “Do It Yourself party” and save some money in the process.

My sweet daughter Brooklyn just had her 7th birthday party at our home. We purchased the take home spa box from the Glama Gal Vaughan location. The party was so successful and the kids loved it.

I was crazy and invited all of the girls in Brooklyn’s grade 2 class. On top of that, she has cousins and neighbours and I ended up with 26 kids. Yes, I know I am nuts!

The Glama Gal kit is made for ten kids. If you plan to make a party for 20 kids, then you just double it!

What is the benefit of purchasing items from Glama Gal?
I have 4 great reasons.
1) Natural and paraben free
2) High quality
3) Smells amazing
4) The kids love it

Here are the items that I purchased in the spa take home kit.
The one listed below is for 10 kids.


•10 Piece Nail Polish Kit
•20 Mini tablet bath bombs
•Regular Size Glam Lab Lotion
•Regular Size Sugar Scrub- 3 scoops
•10 Nail Files Disposable
•Glama Gal Facial Mask
•10 Headbands for facial Mask

The cost for 10 kids is $109.


Here is what I bought to accompany the Glama Gal kit.

Dollar Tree (Each item is $1.25)
•1 Pack of face blending sponges (to apply the face mask)
•1 Pack of cotton pads (to clean off the face mask)
•Plastic bowls (to put water in for the manicure)

Grocery Store
•Sliced cucumbers (for eyes for facial)

My daughter’s party theme was a slumber party. Of course I am not insane to let 26 girls sleep over. Their parents picked them up after dinner! I had the kids dress in their pajamas.

Since I had so many kids, I also decided to do arts and crafts. I purchased white notebooks and white mini flashlights from Open A Party for the kids to decorate with sharpees. You do NOT have to buy more things. You could play slumber party games or watch a movie instead.


For Brooklyn’s Party, I created 3 stations.
1)Glama Gal Facial Station
2)Glama Gal Manicure Station
3)Decorate note books and mini flashlights

1) Glama Gal Facial Station
Put down towels on the floor. Put a head band on each of the 3 kids. Have them lay down on their backs.
Pour Glama Gal facial cream on the face blending sponge. Rub the cream all over the child’s face. Discard the sponge.
Put cucumbers on the kids eyes and have them rest for 5 minutes.
In a bowl of water, dip a cotton pad and wipe off the cream. Discard the cotton pad. If there is still cream, repeat this step with a new pad.


2) Glama Gal Manicure Station
Fill a bowl of water.
Drop in a bath bomb and watch it dissolve.
Add a small amount of scrub and scrub their hands
Put them back in the bowl
Dry with a towel or paper towel
Put lotion on their hands and give them a hand massage
Apply two coats nail polish on their nails


My sister, sister in law, and cousin helped me run the stations.

Loot Bags
Kids took home:
A Glama Gal mini nail polish
A nail file
Head band
Decorated notebook and flashlight
Personalized lollipops (also from openaparty)

The kids had the best time. I could could tell by the look on their faces plus I got a lot of texts from moms saying their daughters had a lot of fun.

How to order your spa box!
Ask for a spa party box (10 kids)
$109+ tax

They will arrange for you to have it ready at your nearest Glama Gal location.

For a list of Glama Gal locations go to: