Sleepover Camp Review -Wahanowin

Sleepover Camp Review -Wahanowin

I would like to start this off by saying Sleepover Camp is NOT on a dime.

This is considered a privilege for children. Not everyone can afford it and for someone like myself, something has got to give in order for me to send my kids. It is a wonderful experience and I’d pass up on some family vacations to give them this opportunity.
Camp Wahanwin is located in Orillia Ontario and sits on the beautiful Lake Couchiching.

Although Wahanowin does have all of the bells and whistles, they still are on the lower end for cost in comparison to the other high end camps in it’s category.

This past summer I sent my 5.5 year old daughter Brooklyn on a coach bus to Camp Wahanowin for ONE DAY!
The one day or as they call it ‘Wahano-One’ is a jam packed day of camp so your child can experience it without actually sleeping over. I am going to share with you my daughter’s experience that day.

When I found out about this one day camp program, I got so excited. My husband never went to Overnight Camp so this was a great way to ease him into this idea.
On the big day, we woke up early and took Brooklyn to the buses. She didn’t know any other kids going and I was really nervous leaving her.

I love the fact that the camp is located in Orillia and I know I could be there in an hour if they called me. An hour after the bus left, I received an email from Miriam (The Director of Special Groups) telling me the kids arrived safely at camp. I wrote her back asking her if Brooklyn was okay because she didn’t know anyone. Within 10 minutes, she sent me a picture of her with Counsellors and other Camper’s smiling. That was all I needed to see.

Throughout her day, the camp was uploading pictures so we could see our children having fun. I saw that she went tubing, went on the inflatable water park, and roasted marshmallows. I also saw a picture of her at her two meals. Miriam was there if I had any questions.

I awaited the Camp bus to arrive at 8pm. I was told Brooklyn fell asleep on the way home, which did not surprise me one bit.

She came off the bus with a big smile on her face. She was wearing a Wahanowin t-shirt and was carrying a bag and a water bottle that she received as a gift.

On the car ride home she told me that she had the best day ever and met so many new kids.

Her highlights were jumping on the water trampoline, tubing on the lake, rainbow slushies at snack, and making a friendship bracelet with her Counsellor, and playing with the other kids. She asked me when she can go back and sleep over. I said next year. She looked disappointed. It’s been 3 months since she went on that day trip to Camp and she still talks about it.

In July 2016, she will be attending the 4 night/5 day Wahanowin-Warmup Titled “The Super Sleep-Over” (for kids completing SK to Grade 3) to try out the idea of sleepover camp. I know she is going to love it, make life long friends, and have the best time ever.
For those of you who are interested in the early bird savings for this upcoming summer, it is running until October 19, 2015.

If you want more information you can go to:

Bruce, Patti, and Miriam offer home visits where they will come to your house and answer all of your questions about the camp.



My Daughter heading on the bus to Camp Wahanowin



The Counsellors waiting to meet the kids!



Her Group for the day.



The Inflatable Water Park



My daughter swimming with her Counsellor in the lake.



Kids Tubing with a Counsellor on the lake.

IMG_3713 (1)


My daughter getting ready to go tubing. I still can’t believe she went.



Lunch Time at Camp!



Kids At Cooking



A boy zip-lining at Camp.



Dinner time at Camp!



Roasting Marshmallows after Camp. They had to do it indoor because it was raining.



My daughter loved her Counsellors.



About to leave to go home on the Bus. The kids look nice and tired.



Boogie Boarding
Swimming Lessons
Giant Waterslide
Inflatible Waterpark
Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball & Tennis
Camp radio Station
Arts And Crafts, Pottery, Woodworking & Copper Enameling
Canoe tripping
Mountain Biking
Ropes Course, Climbing Wall & Zip-lining
Archery & Riflery

Carnival with Inflatables
Colour War
Dancing With the Staff Socials (dances)
Fashion Show
Pep Rally
Foam Party
Midnight Madness
Theme Days
Theme Meals
Wahanowin Idol
Israel Spirit Day
Wahanowin Survivor
Grove Ball
Closing Banquet
Closing Ceremonies

Here is a video from this past Summer at Camp.



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If you were a former Camper, I would love to hear from you!

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