Easter Craft & Snack

Easter Craft & Snack

For someone who doesn’t celebrate Easter, I think I did a pretty good job with getting into the holiday spirit. My kids has a blast too.
Below are two fun Easter Activities to do with your kids.

Easter Bunny Crafts

I literally spent $4 on this activity and it kept my munchkins very busy. If you already have white glue and scissors, then you will be spending less than $5. I did everything to prep the craft and then I let my kids stick on the cotton balls themselves. They really enjoyed it and they thought the bunnies were funny to look at. This is definitely a keepsake craft.

**Easter Bunnies**

• 2 sheets of Bristol board (2 for $1 at Dollarama)
• 1 bag of white cotton balls PER child ($1 each at Dollarama)
• 1 bag of blue cotton balls which is good for 3 kids ($1 each at Dollarama)
• White Glue
• Scissors
• An enlarged print out of your child’s face.

• Print out an enlarged photo of your child’s face.
• Cut your Bristol board in half.
• Cut out your child’s face and glue it to the paper.
• Draw a face, body, and ears around the face.

•Cut out the bunny.
• Take the extra Bristol board and trace your child’s feet. Glue the feet on the body of the bunny.

•Glue around the insides of bunny.
•Stick the white cotton balls throughout (accept for the feet and inside of the ears).
•Cover the feet and inside of the ears with blue cotton balls.

Easter S’mores Snack

Do you need an Easter gift for family and friends? Then why not make them my version of Easter S’mores. Marshmellow Peeps, chocolate mini eggs and graham crackers. Mmmmm!
Our Neighbours got a special treat from us today and the kids were happy to receive it.

**Easter S’mores Snack**

*WHAT YOU’LL NEED (To make three jars that serve two in each)
• 1 Box of Peeps ($1.50 from The Dollarama in the cookie section)
• 3 Medium Sized Glass Mason Jars ($1.50 each)
• 3 bags of Cadburry Mini Eggs (I got them for 99 Cents each at Rexall)
• 12 Graham Cracker cookies, Arrowroot Cookies, or Tea Biscuit Cookies (Check your cupboard first to see what cookies you have)

• Clean out your Mason jar and dry it well.
• Put 4 graham crackers or cookies on the bottom of the jar.
• Pour 3/4 of your mini eggs package into the jar.
• Put in 2 Peeps.
• Put the rest of the mini eggs from the package on top.


* You can make a little Easter egg shaped card and punch a whole at the top, put ribbon through it, and tie it around the jar.

* For one big gift, just buy one large Mason jar.