Under $5 Halloween Costumes

Under $5 Halloween Costumes


Under $5 Halloween Costumes


First off, I can not sew if my life depended on it, but here is the good news for people like me! You can still buy cheap costume accessories and match it up with clothing from your child’s closet. You just need to be a little creative.  You do not have to spend $25-75 on Halloween costumes for your children. This week I took a trip to my local Dollarama and put together some cool costume accessories and provided tips on how to enhance the costume on your own. Please note, that some accessories were not found in the Halloween costume aisle. I have listed which items those are. All Dollaramas have a different stock available which means your closest location may not have everything I suggest below.

Here are 10 cheap Halloween Costume Ideas you can make for your child:

*Baby Costume

Large Bottle- $2
Bib (baby aisle)- $1.50

Pair it with:
Warm Pajamas
2 piece Pajamas or a one piece sleeper
Hair in pig tails

Total Cost-$3.50


*Kitty Cat


Cat ears, tail and bow-$2.50
Black Studded Sunglasses-$1.50

Pair It With: All black clothing, black whiskers and nose drawn with Mommy’s eye liner

Total: $4


*Princess Ariel

Red Wig-$2

Pair it with:
Ariel Apparel/Pajamas or a green, purple, or pink princess dress.
You can buy a crown (if you don’t have one) for $1-$2 and you will still be in budget.

Total Cost- $2


*Red Devil

Red long gloves-$1.50
Red Devil Horns, Tail & Bow-$2.50

Pair it with:
Red and/or black clothing

Total Cost- $4


*Bumble Bee


Wings & Wand Set-$2.50
Head piece & Stinger Set-$1.50

Pair it with:
Black and/or yellow clothing

Total Cost- $4


*Bunny Costume

Bunny ears, bow and tail Set-$2

Pair it with: white and/or pink clothing

Total Cost– $2


*Clown Costume

Clown Hat -$2
Clown Bow Tie- $2

Pair it with:
Mom’s make-up to paint the child’s nose and cheeks
Mismatched clothes. Anything with polka dots, or stripes. Bright coloured clothing.

Total Cost- $4


*Pirate Costume

Pirate Hat-$2.50
Pirate Accessories (I removed the knife & I wouldn’t let my little one carry the axe either) (Toy Aisle)-$2

Pair it with: Dark coloured clothes or a striped shirt.



*Police Officer

Police hat-$2.50
Police accessories (I blocked out the gun and knife) (toy aisle)-$1.25

Pair it with:
Dark blue or black button up, collared shirt



*Tough Guy

Tattoo Sleeves:$1.25
Skull Cap:$2

Pair It With: A tank top or t-shirt

Total- $3.25



*If you have any cheap kids costume ideas, feel free to comment below!