Flower Pot Crafts

Flower Pot Crafts



This activity is fun for 1 child or can be used to entertain a whole group of children for a play date or a birthday party.
I recently had 7 kids over for a play date (yes I’m crazy) and decided to plan a fun craft for them. This activity is very inexpensive and it’s an art piece that parents will keep in their homes on display.
I covered my outdoor tables with craft paper and put out the pots, paint and paint brushes for the kids to enjoy.
For a large group, I recommend cutting the pool noodle pieces and flowers prior to starting the activity.
This craft is easy and looks so beautiful when finished. The kids at my home were aged 17 months to 5 years and all of them were able to participate.

*What You’ll Need
(All items were purchased at The Dollarama)
Real Flower pots (2 for $1)
1 pool noodle (any colour)
A stack of fake flowers (make sure you have enough for two flowers per child)
Acrylic Paint ($1 per paint container)
Sponge Paint Brushes ($1 per pack)

Paint both the outside and inside of your pot
Cut two small 1/2 pieces of pool noodle and stuff it in the pot when it is dry.
Cut off two flowers on stems with sharp scissors.
Place the flowers into the pool noodle. Display your work of art!


The Kids had a blast!