Exploding Bags- Fun Science Experiment

* Exploding Bags- Fun Science Experiment


This activity was a lot of fun to do. I must warn you NOT to perform this experiment inside your home as it becomes messy when it explodes. Do it outside in places that can get a bit messy like your backyard or a park.  Bring a garbage bag for clean up. My kids were so fascinated with this. My daughter can still recite the ingredients that go into the lunch bag to make it explode. You do not have to use food colouring with this experiment. Your kids will still think it is cool without it.

What You’ll Need
A large plastic freezer bag
A small sandwich bag
Vinegar (enough to fill up a small sandwich bag)
2 cups of Baking Soda
Food Colouring (optional)

Pour baking soda in a large sandwich bag
Pour vinegar in a small sandwich bag. Add food colouring to the vinegar (optional)


Don’t close the vinegar bag. Put the whole small bag in the large bag. Shake in around for 5 seconds. Then drop it on the ground, move back a few feet¬†and watch it inflate and explode.




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