Bubble Snakes (Outdoor Activity)

Bubble Snakes (Outdoor Activity)

With the weather starting to get nice, I thought I would post a fun activity you can do in your yard with your kids. I found these bubble snakes all over Pintrest and I thought they looked so cool. My kids and I made them and they had a lot of fun.
I just want to give you a few tips before you make these. If you choose to use food colouring, I don’t recommend letting the kids handle it because it stains. If you have little ones, try to show them not to breathe in when blowing the bubbles. My 2 year old was fine but my 4 year old got a nice mouth full of soap.

*Bubble Snakes


What You’ll Need (per snake)
An empty water bottle
An old adult sock
Duct tape
Dish Soap
Food Colouring (Optional)

Cut off the bottom of the water bottle

Put the sock over the bottom of bottle
Tape the sock tightly to the bottle with the duct tape.

Take a bowl and put about 5 pumps of soap in it and add a small amount of water. Mix it around and take it outside.

Dip your bottom part of the bottle in the soapy mix and blow out the top of the bottle.
To add colours, put 2 drops of food colouring on the bottom of the sock, have them dip the bottle and blow coloured bubbles.