Dr. Seuss Activity Crafts # 1

Dr. Seuss Activity Crafts # 1

My two kids love when I read them Dr. Seuss books, so it inspired me to make some fun activities. Even if your child doesn’t know all of the books mentioned, it will not matter when creating these crafts. If you have them, it would be fun to read them that day, but it is definitely not required.

*Wocket In My Pocket Scavenger Hunt
This scavenger hunt can be done in many ways.
For older kids you can get them to create their own characters instead of using the printouts. You can also write down the clues like a real scavenger hunt, and put a clue at each character’s hiding spot.
If your children can write and read themselves, you can have them create this for you. Mine is made for my 2 and 4 year old children, so you may have to modify this for your child’s age.


What You Will Need
6 Pieces of Blank Computer Paper
5 Print Outs (Listed below this activity) or you can give your kids 5 sheets of paper to draw their own Suess characters.
A Pen

Print out your 5 Dr. Seuss characters in the images listed below. Print them each separately. Make sure when you print them, that you click “OFF” the box that says “Fit Picture To Frame”. Then Print each one!
Have your children colour in each character.
Cut each character out.
You will plan your 5 hidden spots around the house. Then you come up with a silly ryhming words that match each hiding spot. Write them on paper. Hide them.

Here are some examples:
“There’s a Gano on my Piano”
“There’s a Nupboard in my Cupboard”
“There’s a Loset in my Closet”
Bring your kids together and tell them they have to find the 5 Dr. Seuss characters. For small kids like my 2 year old, I would have to read the full clue because he can’t rhyme yet. For my 4 year old, I can read her the clue and she can answer the rhyming word.
What is nice about this activity is that you can collect the characters, save them, and reuse them again for another activity. My kids loved it and after they hid them around the house and wanted me to find them.

Below are the pictures you can print for the Dr. Seuss Wocket Characters


0dda03e296ed33bd073fd820916cc403 - Copy (2) 0dda03e296ed33bd073fd820916cc403 - Copy 0dda03e296ed33bd073fd820916cc403 Theres-a-Wocket-in-My-Pocket - Copy Theres-a-Wocket-in-My-Pocket


Here is my Scavenger Hunt list you can copy as well.



They found one!



*Red Fish Blue Fish Snack
This looks gross but my kids thought it was so cool. Both kids finished their milk. So maybe I’m on to something. Maybe Natrel needs to come out with some blue milk.


Vanilla goldfish
Blue food colouring
Red food colouring
2 sandwich bags

Pour milk into a glass.
Add one small drop of blue food colouring.
Have your child mix their milk with a spoon and watch their drink turn blue.
Put a few goldfish in two sandwich bags.
Put a small drop of red in one bag and blue in the other one. Shake them around till they change colour.
Mix the coloured fish with the plain vanilla flavour.
Serve with the blue milk.

*You can also make blue jello and before you refrigerate them, drop in coloured gummy fish. After it is ready, the kids can eat and search for the little fish in their bowls.