Kid Life Size Cut-outs

Kid Life Size Cut-outs

Last weekend I took my kids to the Aquarium in downtown Toronto. Although we all had a great time, it was very expensive. Between tickets and parking we spent $100. Good thing my kids and I will be doing some inexpensive craft activities this week. The activity I am going to show you today are life size cut outs of your children. This idea was given to me by a friend who does it with her daughter and I loved it. I highly recommend that you trace your kids the night before the activity and cut them out while they are sleeping, as this takes a bit of time.  My 4 year old daughter’s friend came over and did this craft with us.  She had so much fun doing it. She forgot to take it home and her mommy told me to save it for her because she keeps talking about it. So cute! Okay let’s move on to the activity for your little ones!



What You’ll Need
Kraft roll paper or a roll of wrapping paper (you use the blank side) (use one roll per child)
Any other laying around the house (feathers, string, pipe cleaners, stickers, felt, foam, paint and Pom poms to name a few)

Roll out your paper
Have your child lay flat on their backs on top of the paper
Trace their whole body with a pen or pencil (My 2 year old monkey was a good sport about this).

Cut out their silhouette with scissors


Have them draw in the face and hair.
Decorate with your supplies.


Our special guest decorating her silhouette.


The end result. The girls wanted “Frozen” type necklaces.