Eric Carle Crafts

Eric Carle Crafts

Eric Carle is a famous children’s author and his books are very popular in my house. Here are two fun crafts that stay in Carle’s theme.

Hungry Caterpillars


What You’ll Need
20-24 clothes pins (dollar store has them in a pack in the laundry/hanger aisle)
A string, ribbon or shoe lace
Yellow, red, blue and green markers

Lay out the clothes pins and have your children colour them.
All green except two blue and three red.
Cut out eye circles and colour them yellow and green.
Glue the clothes pins as you are clipping them on to the string.
Glue the eyes on the red part of the caterpillar.
Let it dry and then your kids can slither around their caterpillar.


Brown Bear Toast


What You’ll Need
2 pieces of bread
Peanut butter or soy butter
Craisins or raisins
Banana slices

Cut your bread in circular shapes. Toast the bread.
Spread peanut butter or soy butter on the bread.
On each toast, put two banana slices on the ears and one for the nose.
Add two raisins/craisins for the eyes and one on top of the banana slice for the nose.
Eat and enjoy!

*You can also make “Polar Bears” by using cream cheese instead of peanut butter.