Contest: Camp Wahanowin Super Summer Sleepover

Contest: Camp Wahanowin Super Summer Sleepover

Camp Wahanowin is giving away 50% OFF The Super Summer Sleepover (4 Nights) to one lucky winner!

Wahanowin is located in Orillia. This contest is for parents of KIDS COMPLETING SK, GRADE 1, GRADE 2, OR GRADE 3!

The Super Summer Sleepover allows kids to get a taste of Camp life. They get to enjoy daily camp activities such as trapeze, inflatable water park, arts and crafts, water skiing, tubing, trampoline bungee, sports, and much more! All cabins are equipped with a washroom and shower. 

You will need FACEBOOK to enter THIS Contest!

Here is the information below:



2) Go On The Entertain Kids On A Dime Facebook Group
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3) Write “CAMP WAHA” into the comment thread of my “Official” Contest Post from my group wall.

The post is Pinned to the top of the group page (on a mobile phone you must click on “Announcements” to view this).


This is how it works. The Contest Closes all submissions by: Tuesday, February 19, 2019 at 12pm!

The winner will get to go to Camp Wahanowin for 4 nights on the Super Summer Sleepover Program. The cost of camp with the discount will be $425 +tax.

The Prize Winners will be contacted through FACEBOOK!

*You must live in the Province of Ontario, Canada to enter.

Why Is Overnight Camp So Great?
It gives children a chance to build independence, conquer their fears, and make long lasting friendships.

For smaller kids there are wonderful starter programs! It is a great way to introduce your kids to camp!

WAHANO-ONE: Saturday, July 27, 2019
The one-day camp experience for Warm-Up campers completing SK to Grade 2.
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SUPER SUMMER SLEEPOVER: July 29 – Aug. 2, 2019
Four fun-filled action-packed days/nights at camp for campers completing SK to Grade 3.
For more information on SSS, go to:

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