Communication Helps Prevent Head Lice

Communication Helps Prevent Head Lice

Head lice can be a stigma! Parents often feel embarrassed to share this information, worrying they will be judged. I will admit that my kids had lice twice, and guess who got it with them? Yup… me! This was 5 years ago. At the time, we didn’t tell the other parents in my kid’s Camp group. My two kids ended up getting it again! Looking back, I wish I would have just disclosed this info, so it wouldn’t have been passed back to my children.
Rachel from Bugg’n Out has shared why it’s important to communicate, and how it can prevent a repeating case!

Communication is YOUR Best Defense Against Head Lice

It’s astounding that in 2018 when there is widespread familiarity and kindness for many health-related concerns that there is still a substantial amount of social stigma surrounding those who have head lice.

Most people do not know the facts about head lice, where it comes from or why people get it. This leads to misunderstandings that perpetuate old myths. You can have a look at the facts about lice on Bugg’n Out‘s website.

People are often fearful and even unfriendly to those who have head lice, but the majority of people who get it are not aware of how they got it to begin with. This is why it is so important to disclose to anyone close to your child (friends, family, caregivers, and teachers) if head lice is found and treated in your home.

If you do not tell anyone out of fear of being judged, then the cycle of head lice will continue and you could be surprised when your child is again found to have head lice just days or weeks later.

Why would they contract it again?
They may spend time with someone that did not know they should be checked—and has head lice unknowingly. It’s our responsibility to communicate in order to break the cycle of head lice for good–everyone will thank you.

It is best to let a Certified Professional treat your family for Head Lice. The technicians at Bugg’n Out are Shepherd Certified and trained in Head Lice Removal. They know exactly what to ensure nothing gets over looked. Bugg’n Out offers a 30 day guarantee. This is for your own peace of mind. You will be relieved to know that when you spend your hard earned money paying for a service, that it will in fact work, guaranteed!





Our head lice treatment studio located in Vaughan offers a family friendly and relaxing atmosphere. Rest assure your family will be comfortable in our treatment room. We have professional salon chairs and offer complimentary WIFI, nut free child friendly snacks, personal tablets to watch movies, toys and crafts. We hope to make you feel at home in our beautiful and leading edge studio.

We use all natural and safe products that do not contain any toxic chemicals. Utilizing The Shepherd Method™ of Strand by Strand Nit Removal developed by the world renowned lice expert, Katie Shepherd we ensure all visible bits are removed.