Monkey Movers Gym Bus Review

Monkey Movers Gym Bus Review

My son Bentley just had his 6th birthday and we had a really fun company come to our house called Monkey Movers Gym Bus.

How Does It Work
A bus drives to your residence, and parks outside. Inside the bus, there are gym activities! There is a trampoline, monkey bars, a rock wall and even a zip line!
This program is deal for kid’s ages 1-12. 
On the day of my Son’s birthday, two lovely staff came to our house. Both were helpers in the bus. The staff did warm ups, played fun games, and assisted the kids while using the gym equipment.

This bus can be used in summer or winter. They have heating inside. There is also different colour lighting in the bus, which the kid’s absolutely loved.
When you book your party, Monkey Movers provides you with electronic invitations for you to customize and send out.

During the party, the staff will take photos of all of the kids participating and send you them in an email. You don’t have to worry about taking your own photos.
Both my kids had such a good time. I had so much positive feedback from our guests. My friend said her daughter didn’t stop talking about the gym on a bus for two weeks.

I love that this Company is so unique and that they provide a great service. I highly would highly recommend them to other families.

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