Birthday Party Review At Glow

Birthday Party Review At Glow


My daughter Brooklyn had her party this past Saturday at Glow Party And Event Centre in Vaughan.

I was looking for a fun, place that can hold a lot of kids. My daughter had invited 32 girls.  I really didn’t want to have so many kids in my house this year, and Glow sounded like a great alternative.


*A Host/Hostess
When we arrived at the venue, immediately we had people helping us carry in our loot bags, decorations, and cupcakes. A few of the Glow staff came over to introduce themselves, and let us know that if I need any help to contact them. Our party host was named Ashley and she was lovely to deal with.

Ashley came over with a check list to see what we needed for our party. I brought my own cupcakes and a candle, but I forgot a lighter. They had it ready for me when it was time to serve desert.

After the party, some nice young men (who worked at the venue) helped us carry out our left over food, and presents back to the car.

*A Deejay
When you book your party, you automatically get a deejay. Every time I have been there, they have used Bounce Entertainment. We are big fans! My daughter looooves Tiffany the owner, who happened to be there the day of her party! Bounce is enthusiastic and gets the kids right off their chairs and onto the dance floor.
Bounce Entertainment plays age appropriate, top 40 songs, and they dance along with the kids!

*Food And Beverages
Your party includes pizza, lemonade, and a water station. Even though the pizza wasn’t served until 1:45pm, you would be surprised how many kids are really hungry from dancing. Although it wasn’t a standard lunch or dinner time, the kid’s still ate.

*Glow Face Painting
Kid’s always love to get their faces painted. At Glow they take it to the next level and paint the kid’s with neon paint to make their face’s shine on the dance floor. 

*Party Sharing
When you first hear your party is being shared, you may think why would I want to do that? I will tell you why it is awesome! If you are hosting a birthday party for 10 kids in a spacious venue with a deejay, they may not be excited to dance. Add in another 30-50 kids from different groups, and you have a fun party.  The kids all like mixing up on the dance floor. I thought it was so cool to see this.


*Making The Birthday Child Feel Special
When my daughter walked in, she immediately felt special. The staff immediately greeted her. She got to pick from a list of glow items. She choose a pack of Frozen glow bracelets.
For each party, the Deejay asks all of the birthday kids to come up and dance on the stage. The birthday kids get to hand out prizes to their friends. My daughter felt so special going up on stage.

When it is time for cake, the deejay waits for all of the parties to light their candles at the same time and everyone in the venue sings happy birthday at the same time!  This is another reason why I liked that it was a shared party.

*Bottle Service
Musicians like to rap about “poppin’ bottles in the club” and your kids will get to too! There will be no champagne in their bottles. You will find on the table a tin filled with ice and large bottles of pink lemonade. This idea is so cute, that I can not help not to smile.

*VIP Booths
Glow is lined with VIP Booths around the dance floor. What kid doesn’t want to feel like a very important person?
Each booth has cozy seating, a table, and sheer curtains opened. We had our party in the lounge, but other parties were in the booths, and it looked like a lot of fun.

*Parent Friendly
Although 75% of the kid’s at Brooklyn’s party were dropped off, some did stay. They have a lounge area for parents by the dance floor, so they watch their kids having fun.

*Candy Craze
We upgraded to get a candy bar at the party. They made personalized kid’s cups filled with candies, chocolates, and topped them with cotton candy and a lollipop. The kid’s literally went nuts when they saw them. I made them wait until cake time before they eat them.

*Personalized Invitations
When you book your party at glow, they will create an pdf invitation special for your child.  This allows you to send it to your guests as an email, or you can print it and hand them out in person. Either way, the job has been done for you. I don’t enjoy doing party invitations, so that was a bonus for me.

I would not hesitate to host a party here. Your child will really enjoy themselves. My daughter had a party to remember. Thank you Glow for your hard work!


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