Water Balloon Deal

Water Balloon Deal

While I was creating my Summer Water Game list, I found an incredible deal on a Bunch O Balloons Knock- Off Product from Amazon.

Usually I am leary to order products that are not from the original brand, but the ratings are very good.  I ordered the Super Value Water Balloons and I wanted to share this deal.

What are these balloons? They are bunches of pre-tied water balloons that attach to a hose. The balloons fill up so fast. I just recommend that you use a bucket full of water, when you fill them up. It is a fantastic product. 

Normally, for $12, you get can 100 Bunch O Balloons water balloons. For the Super Value Water Balloons, they are $29 and you get 666 pre-tied Balloons!

Here is the LINK if you want to see or order the product!



I hope you get as much good use of this product as I did!