My Journey To Health: 11 Pounds Down!

My Journey To Health: 11 Pounds Down!

My Journey To Health: 11 Pounds Down!

Since I was a Tween, I have struggled with my weight. I have a terrible sugar addiction and I’m addicted to food. I don’t gamble, smoke, or drink. My vice is food. I eat when I’m bored, happy, sad, or stressed. Over the past year I have put on a lot of weight. After meeting with my doctor following a physical, I was told that I have high Cholesterol. That is thanks to my bad eating habits and unlucky genetics. Five weeks ago I decided I need to make a big change.

Fate brought Natalie to me. My friend’s brother introduced us and when I heard what she did, I jumped on board immediately.

In 5 weeks I have lost 11 pounds!
I have not been 100% strict so having lost this much is great for me! I’ve been very happy.
I still have lots to go but I’m positive!

Here is what I have done!

Nutrition Forever
I see Nutrition expert Natalie Bean at her home in Thornhill once a week.
She made me a plan which includes me eating every 2-3 hours and cutting down on my sugar intake. I buy some of her prepared foods and eat the rest of my meals on my own.

Why is Natalie so great?
•She makes you a schedule that tailors to your needs.
•She has prepared foods if you don’t like to cook.
•She will guide you when dining out.
•She’s always available to answer questions. I text her all of the time.

Along with Natalie, I also started working out with Coach J Fitness Studio. I now work out there three days per week. I’m taking Spinning, F.I.T. Athletic Conditioning, and F.I.T. Strength!

Thanks to Jay I am sleeping better and I’m stronger than ever.

For more information about Coach J Fitness Studio, go to:

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Give yourself the gift of health.




I founded Nutrition Forever Inc. to help people adopt healthy eating and exercise.
While I work out daily, eat healthy and run marathons, I also know the pains and challenges of being overweight.
I gained 70 lbs when I was pregnant with my first child.
Today, my mantra is ‘It’s not a diet – it’s a lifestyle’.
I try to be a role model, mentor and life coach and try to impact people wherever and whenever I can.
I have a degree in Social Work from Ryerson, a Broadcast Certificate from Humber and a Certificate in Nutrition from Seneca College.
I’ve tried to channel my background and philosophy towards helping countless clients develop healthier lifestyles.
My 98 percent success rate is a testament to my unwavering determination in changing my client’s current lifestyle into a healthier, more balanced way of life.

I offer different services:

Each client gets a weight loss eating or a healthy nutritional plan, tailored to their likes and needs. Natalie works with individuals with diabetes, and pregnant and nursing moms who just want to try to eat healthy instead of losing weight.  Whatever your goals are, she can help you.

Custom designed shopping lists, to help you stay healthy.

An optional well-balanced menu plan that is ready to go for you to keep you eating well.
These affordable Meals are purchased frozen and made with whole food ingredients.

Call for your FREE CONSULTATION today! 



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