Lunch Lady – Making life easier

Lunch Lady – Making life easier


When it comes to making school lunches, I am not a fan. By the time I am done working, making dinner, helping my kids with homework, showers, and the bedtime routine, the last thing I want t think about is putting together their lunch boxes.

I know there are Moms who cut their kid’s sandwiches and fruit into shapes and put sweet little lunch notes inside and I must admit I do not know how they do it! I am a little envious.

But there is something I can do to make their lunch special. I can order from the Lunch Lady. My kids love it. The price is affordable. The meal is delivered hot right to their desk.

It is so easy, all I need to do is I go online and choose from a menu at There is so much variety that even the pickiest eater will find an option that is perfect. My kids love the Chicken Finger Dinner with the rice and niblet corn and don’t seem to notice the rice is whole grain. They also like the homemade Mac and Cheese. My kids like the regular size meals but there are smaller ones for younger kids.

I am a huge fan of this service. I love it when it is Lunch Lady Day – YEAH!

If you want to get more information about having a program like this at your school send an email to