Help Kayla Johnston

Help Kayla Johnston


Hello Parents,

This post is NOT about Entertaining Kids On A Dime. It is about an amazing mother named Leigh Ann Johnston (who is a part of the Entertain Kids Community) and needs financial help with her daughter Kayla’s illness.

Kayla Johnston is 18 yrs old, and became ill 2 years ago with a rare life threatening condition (EDS TYPE 3 AND SMA SYNDROME) Her bladder shut down, her colon motility slowed, and her stomache doesn’t work.

Here in Canada she has only been fixed her by band-aids. She uses a catheter to pee, and an enema to have a bowel movement.

The money raised will help her family with their costs of travelling to the MAYO CLINIC in the States to receive new treatment. They are leaving soon and it will be extremely expensive. Their goal is to raise $20,000 to help pay their medical bills.

I am asking the Entertain Kids On A Dime community if you can help out any way possible. Whether you can give $1, $5, $20, or $50… any amount will help this family!

Kayla is the type of child who worries about everyone else. She is active in volunteering for the Starlight Canada Foundation where she has raised thousands of dollars helping children with Cancer. Sadly this time she needs your help! Kayla is beautiful inside and out and is a real warrier.

Leigh Ann has also set up a Facebook Group to keep everyone posted on Kayla’s medical updates. You can feel free to join the group and stay informed:

Here is the link where you can donate for Kayla!

Below is the video of Kayla’s Journey so far!