Turn Your Clutter Into Easy Cash

Turn Your Clutter Into Easy Cash


Hello Parents,

I have recently been introduced to something awesome. An easy way to get rid of old clothes, toys, furniture, books, and kids items.

VarageSale logo

The Company is called VarageSale. They are an online marketplace where you can buy, sell and connect with your local community. VarageSale was founded in 2012 and has over 350 communities across the U.S. and Canada and around the world. Currently, in Ontario, Markham, Stouffville and Oshawa already have online communities.
VarageSale is FREE to use (www.varagesale.com). The easiest part is that iphone, Android, and Kindle Users can download the free and simple mobile app.

Besides VarageSale being easy to use, it also allows families to SAVE AND MAKE MONEY! Go through your house and find items you no longer need. The money you make could be put away for your child’s college fund, a vacation or just even have extra cash around the house. You can save money by purchasing previously owned items at a much lower cost than buying it new.

What makes VarageSale unique is that it is way more convenient than doing a real garage sale. Most items sell within the first couple days, and many only take a couple hours. The members are properly screened. Members login with their real identity creating a social shopping experience based on real faces and names. Interactions around items help members get to know each other. Friendships evolve, creating a trusting local community.


Attention RH 2

VARAGESALE would like to open a Online Community in Richmond Hill  (Vaughan, Thornhill, Woodbridge, Maple, Aurora).

In order to do this, they need Support from residents in the area to show that they would like to see this. If you live in the area, all you have to do is click on the event I am posting below and respond that you are “ATTENDING”. This is not a physical event. You don’t actually attend this. It just shows that you are supporting them to offer this for Vaughan users.

If they hit 1500 people, they are going to have a FREE event for kids at a play centre in Richmond Hill to celebrate.

There is no catch, or money involved. They just need the interest to go ahead and launch this area. They have 350 locations already all over North America. You can invite your friends in the area to join too! Let’s help them out! Click on the link below to join their event.


Earn more cash  Deals in your Neighbourhood