SANDS ALIVE Prize Pack Give-away

SANDS ALIVE Prize Pack Give-away


SANDS ALIVE Prize Pack Give-away

Sands Alive is an amazing indoor sand product that is fun for kids of all ages. I can’t even help myself when I get my hands in that stuff. Your kids can sit for hours molding different shapes with it.

What makes Sands Alive so unique is that it doesn’t dry out and it is natural, non toxic and bacteria free. It is easy to vacuum up and won’t stain your clothes or furniture.

The amazing creators of Sands Alive are giving one of my lucky readers a big deluxe box of Sands Alive.

Here is the information below:

TO BE ENTERED INTO THE DRAW: Join my Facebook Group (if you’re not in it yet) and add 1 of your Facebook friends into my group. Your friend must not already be in the group and must be a parent living in Ontario.

To add a friend to my group, you click on the top right arrow of the group page and click on “Add Member”!

Once you have added your friend into the group, you will write “ADD ONE” into the comment thread of my “Official” Contest post from my group wall.

The post is Pinned to the top of my page (on a mobile phone you must click on “Pinned Post” to view this).

If you are not in my Facebook group, here is the link:

THE PRIZE: The Giveaway is for 1 Winner. This winner will receive one Deluxe starter box kit of Sands Alive and two extra bags of sand.

The Prize Item Includes:
-5lbs. of Sands Alive
-25 play tools
-1 large sand tray
-3 pounds of extra sand

Contest Details: The contest closes on Monday, January 12, 2015 at 10pm. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, January 13, 2015.
The prize winner will be contacted through Facebook.

*You must live in the Province of Ontario, Canada to enter.

For more information where you can purchase Sands Alive, visit: