LUV LOCKITS Girls Prize Pack Give-away (Expired)

LUV LOCKITS Girls Prize Pack Give-away (Expired)


LUV LOCKITS Girls Prize Pack Give-away

I would like to thank the awesome owners of LUV LOCKITS for donating such a wonderful gift for this contest. Every little girl, tween, or teen would love these necklaces!
What I love about this company is that people chose their own lockits which makes every piece of jewelry unique as it tells a story.
First you choose a locket, then a necklace, and then your charms. The charms are adorable! They have so many cute ones for girls!

Here is the information below:

TO BE ENTERED INTO THE DRAW: Join my Facebook Group and SHARE my “Official” Contest post from my group wall. The post is Pinned to the top of my page (on a mobile phone you must click Pinned Post to view this).
Once you have SHARED the official post, you must write “SHARED” under it.

If you are not in my Facebook group, here is the link:

THE PRIZE: The Giveaway is for 1 Winner. This winner will receive two LUV LOCKIT necklaces from their “Girl” Line. For each necklace, you can choose up to 5 charms. Each necklace comes with an adorable purse.

These Prize Items Include:
2 Necklace chains (you choose the colour)
2 Locket choices
Choice of up to 5 charms per necklace

Contest Details: The contest closes on Friday, December 26, 2014 at 10pm. The winner will be announced on Sunday, December 28, 2014. The prize winner will be contacted through Facebook.

*You must live in the Province of Ontario, Canada to enter.



If you are interested in ordering from LUV LOCKITS, you can visit them on their website at: