Frozen Crafts

For those of you who have little children who like the movie Frozen, you will understand that it is very difficult to buy the frozen toys in the stores.
I had a trial and error craft that didn’t make it on to my post. I created Olaf and Elsa snow globes and used baby oil for the liquid. No matter how much tape and glue gun sticks I used, I couldn’t properly seal the globe (plastic container). It kept leaking. I threw them out. I didn’t post this activity so I can save you a headache.

Here are my two fun Frozen inspired crafts that made it on this post that you can do with your children.

*”Do You Wanna Build A Snowman” Snack

This snack is fun if you have kids over or to do as a craft for a winter or frozen inspired themed birthday party.

What You’ll Need
Marshmellows (I used regular and large sized. Don’t bother buying 2 kinds unless you are doing it for a party or play date. You can always buy the big bag and cut different sizes for your snow man)
A piece of dried fruit stick or a fruit roll up cut in a thin strip (for the scarf)
Smarties (for the buttons)
Box of Mike & Ike candy or candy
2 chocolate chips or 2 raisins or 2 mini m&ms for the eyes
corns (for the “carrot” nose)
2 pretzel sticks (for the arms)
2 pretzel sticks to hold up the body
White icing- optional (if you are hosting a party I would definitely use the icing to make it stick better)

On a plate, put down your first bottom body marshmallow part of your snow man.

Stick a pretzel stick 3 quarters through the marshmallow and put the next layer of the body.
Stick a pretzel through the second layer and add the third layer (the head) of the body.
Use the icing to help you stick on the eyes, nose, buttons, arms and scarf.

Enjoy your treat!




*Elsa Snowflake


Do this activity outside! Since there are sparkles involved I recommend doing this craft in your backyard.

What You’ll Need
4 small Popsicle sticks
White glue
Glue gun (recommended for young kids for the parents to hold it better together)
Blue or white sparkles
A frozen character sticker or print one yourself online.
A thin piece of ribbon or string- optional (to hang your snowflake up)

If you have small kids, place your glue gun on the middle of your Popsicle stick. Put another one on to make an “X”.
Put glue on the middle of that one and put it in the middle of the “X”.
Then put glue in the middle and put that across. It will look like a snow flake.
If you want to hang it, take your string or ribbon and glue it to the top of your flake.
Once the glue dries, let your child shmear white glue with a Popsicle stick all over it.
With help from Mom or Dad, help them sprinkle their sparkles on top.
Blow the sparkles off the plate. Make sure the sparkles stick to the middle.
Take an frozen character sticker or a print out and stick it in the middle of the snow flake. (This part was my 4 year old daughter’s idea).
Let your masterpiece dry and enjoy!


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