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GTA Sportsplex Review (My Son’s Birthday)
GTA Sportsplex Review (My Son’s Birthday)

My son Bentley had just celebrated his 5th birthday at The Vaughan Sportsplex II located in Maple.

Bentley had the best time. He was so tired from playing that he fell asleep and had a nice long nap that afternoon.

We had 23 kids come to the party. We invited only the SK boys in his class, his cousins, and a few of my friend’s kids who are his age.

We had two staff help us with the party. They were great to deal with.

Included in this area:
•Giant trampolines



•Rock climbing

•Rope swings into foam blocks
•Rope climb and zip line (better for kids 9+)



Use of the large indoor soccer field with soccer balls.

What The Party Included
•5 Large Pizza
•5 Pitchers of Pop
We recommend bringing bottles of water for the children and bring sharpies to label them.
We also brought juice boxes, chips, and a cake for the kids.



Why We Loved It
1) It’s so much fun!
The kids were running around having the best time. It even looks like fun for the adults. Ask my Husband and Brother-in-law who climbed the rock wall.

2) Tons of space
The facility is so large. We took the party area upstairs. It had an insane amount of room and I had 22 kids and their parents. There was a fridge and sink area. I was able to keep the cake cold.


3) Keep’s the kids moving
The kids were so active, Jumping, running, and climbing. Every kid was sweating, which tells me they got lots of exercise.

Other Party Activities They Offer:
1) Nerf Tag
2) Bubble Soccer
3) Jumping Castle
4) Sports
5) Drone Racing
6) Archery Tag
7) Martial Arts

We had lots of positive feed back from the kids and the parents. Most importantly Bentley had a great time.

I would recommend The Vaughan Sportsplex II to have your child’s birthday party.

For more information, go to:

Pop Events Toy Sale!
Pop Events Toy Sale!

Are you looking to find some great gifts and save some money?
Pop Events is having their annual holiday toy sale. It is a great place to stalk up on gifts.

I was over there myself to get some last minute Birthday Gifts.
The sale itself isn’t large but their products are good, and they have something for everyone!

The best part of all is that a lot of their products are pre-wrapped so you do not have to worry about waiting in line at a toy store or wrapping it yourself.

My Favourite Picks I Found
Here are some of my favourite items that I found there!

Infantino Lights & Sounds Musical Touch Pad (Ages 9 months and up)
This has lights and sounds and is a touch pad!
I wish this one was around when my kid’s were small.



* Fisherprice Little People- Disney Princess Belle’s Cottage (1.5-5 years)
Place the horse on the hill and give it a light tap, and it goes “klippity klop” right down. No batteries needed.
We have one of the other versions of this toy, and both my kids love it.



ALEX Sk8 Deck Wall Art
Your child will not get hurt on this skateboard. It has no wheels. They get to colour the deck and can display it on their dresser or wall.



The Great Maestro Show
75 magic tricks in one box!
Let your kids entertain you for hours with this gift!



Snow Boogie Snow Board
This is a beginner snowboard and is 95cm and can hold up to 100 pounds.



Beauty Bag
For only $5 you get 2 beauty bags! Yes I said 2 and they are not small! I gave one to my daughter and kept the other. What a great idea. Perfect for travelling or a trip to the gym.



Where Is The Sale?
Pop Events Group is located on 146 St. Regis Cres South near Downsview Park. The nearest intersection is Keele and Sheppard.

Sale Hours of Operation
Monday & Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday to Friday: 10am – 6pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11am – 5pm

The SALE RUNS UNTIL December 24, 2016!

Make sure to LIKE them on Facebook at:



thumbnail_img_2680 thumbnail_img_2692







Glama Gal DIY Spa Party
Glama Gal DIY Spa Party

Glama Gal Tween Spa rocks for so many reasons. Besides their amazing parties at their 9 locations, and their mobile Spa, they are now offering a take home party box that allows you to throw a memorable “Do It Yourself party” and save some money in the process.

My sweet daughter Brooklyn just had her 7th birthday party at our home. We purchased the take home spa box from the Glama Gal Vaughan location. The party was so successful and the kids loved it.

I was crazy and invited all of the girls in Brooklyn’s grade 2 class. On top of that, she has cousins and neighbours and I ended up with 26 kids. Yes, I know I am nuts!

The Glama Gal kit is made for ten kids. If you plan to make a party for 20 kids, then you just double it!

What is the benefit of purchasing items from Glama Gal?
I have 4 great reasons.
1) Natural and paraben free
2) High quality
3) Smells amazing
4) The kids love it

Here are the items that I purchased in the spa take home kit.
The one listed below is for 10 kids.


•10 Piece Nail Polish Kit
•20 Mini tablet bath bombs
•Regular Size Glam Lab Lotion
•Regular Size Sugar Scrub- 3 scoops
•10 Nail Files Disposable
•Glama Gal Facial Mask
•10 Headbands for facial Mask

The cost for 10 kids is $109.


Here is what I bought to accompany the Glama Gal kit.

Dollar Tree (Each item is $1.25)
•1 Pack of face blending sponges (to apply the face mask)
•1 Pack of cotton pads (to clean off the face mask)
•Plastic bowls (to put water in for the manicure)

Grocery Store
•Sliced cucumbers (for eyes for facial)

My daughter’s party theme was a slumber party. Of course I am not insane to let 26 girls sleep over. Their parents picked them up after dinner! I had the kids dress in their pajamas.

Since I had so many kids, I also decided to do arts and crafts. I purchased white notebooks and white mini flashlights from Open A Party for the kids to decorate with sharpees. You do NOT have to buy more things. You could play slumber party games or watch a movie instead.


For Brooklyn’s Party, I created 3 stations.
1)Glama Gal Facial Station
2)Glama Gal Manicure Station
3)Decorate note books and mini flashlights

1) Glama Gal Facial Station
Put down towels on the floor. Put a head band on each of the 3 kids. Have them lay down on their backs.
Pour Glama Gal facial cream on the face blending sponge. Rub the cream all over the child’s face. Discard the sponge.
Put cucumbers on the kids eyes and have them rest for 5 minutes.
In a bowl of water, dip a cotton pad and wipe off the cream. Discard the cotton pad. If there is still cream, repeat this step with a new pad.


2) Glama Gal Manicure Station
Fill a bowl of water.
Drop in a bath bomb and watch it dissolve.
Add a small amount of scrub and scrub their hands
Put them back in the bowl
Dry with a towel or paper towel
Put lotion on their hands and give them a hand massage
Apply two coats nail polish on their nails


My sister, sister in law, and cousin helped me run the stations.

Loot Bags
Kids took home:
A Glama Gal mini nail polish
A nail file
Head band
Decorated notebook and flashlight
Personalized lollipops (also from openaparty)

The kids had the best time. I could could tell by the look on their faces plus I got a lot of texts from moms saying their daughters had a lot of fun.

How to order your spa box!
Ask for a spa party box (10 kids)
$109+ tax

They will arrange for you to have it ready at your nearest Glama Gal location.

For a list of Glama Gal locations go to:


Kids & Hair Growth
Kids & Hair Growth

Kids & Hair Growth

Here is one of my “let me take you into my personal life” posts!

3 Months ago, I went to my hair dresser Rob at The Studio in Thornhill. He told me there is a product, and I have to see it that helps with hair growth. I looked at him like he was crazy but I was also very curious. I don’t believe in these gimmicks and I also believe that if there is a miracle product, there must be a catch or a terrible side effect.

I agreed to meet with a women named Jennifer who was in from Texas to interrogate her with questions. She showed me this product called MONAT. It has been in Canada only in a year. In a nut shell, this is what I learned. It is completely NATURAL so there are no side effects. The product is made up of essential oils that mimic the hair growth.  So I thought to myself, I want to see if it actually will work! Since my hair is fairly thick, I was not the right candidate. So I turned to my husband Darren and told him to throw away his Shampoo because he needs to use this new product.

I have never seen a man more skeptical in his life. After 5 weeks, we noticed a change.  For him the product didn’t grow back new hair, but it thickened his current hair follicles, and made his bald spot look fuller. He is now a customer, and uses the products Classic Confidence System. It is a Shampoo/Conditioner Combo bottle and an intense repair spray that he puts on his scalp after his shower.


My husband Darren's Transformation

My husband Darren’s Transformation



I thought to myself… where was this product when I had my son, and I was nursing and literally losing huge clumps of hair in the shower?

Besides Men who have receding hair lines, and Women who suffer from very thinning hair, there are also Kids affected by hair loss!

That lady Jennifer told me about a close friend’s daughter who’s hair would not grow. She had low self esteem because of it. Jennifer got that child on the product, and within 6 months, she had her full head of hair back.

Here are some conditions that can effect a child’s hair growth or cause hair loss
* Alopecia: An autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks your own body. The hair follicles that are attacked, which often causes the hair to come out, often in clumps the size and shape of a quarter. In some cases, it can cause all of the hair to fall out.

* Telogen Effluvium: is a condition in which a sudden or severe stress, such as extremely high fever, the death of a loved one, a severe injury, interrupts the normal cycle of hair growth. The hair follicles stop growing prematurely and enter a resting phase (called the telogen phase). Between six and 16 weeks later, hair sheds excessively, leading to partial or complete baldness.

* Harsh Medications: Chemotherapy drugs, Epilepsy Drugs, Acne Medication containing Vitamin A, are just some of the drugs that can cause severe hair loss.

* Trichotillomania: this condition causes hair loss caused by the child pulling, plucking, twisting, or rubbing his or her hair. The hair loss is patchy and characterized by broken hairs of varying length. Patches are typically seen on the side of the child’s dominant hand.

If you know someone, or your own child suffers from any of the above hair loss issues (or just has hair that won’t grow), I HIGHLY RECOMMEND trying this product.
It is natural, safe, and can change the life of your child.

The product I recommend is exactly what my Husband Darren uses.

“THE CLASSIC CONFIDENCE SYSTEM” (Shampoo & Conditioner and the Intense Repair Treatment).

* Cost: $129 plus tax and shipping. (There is VIP savings, if you stay on the product) 
* Product Lasts 3-4 months
* There is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
* When you are purchasing, it will be under Men’s Treatment System, and click Classic Confidence System (it’s unisex for everyone, including kids)

You can order this at:

If you have any questions about this product, please CONTACT ME and I can help you!

Have a great evening!




Lunch Lady – Making life easier
Lunch Lady – Making life easier


When it comes to making school lunches, I am not a fan. By the time I am done working, making dinner, helping my kids with homework, showers, and the bedtime routine, the last thing I want t think about is putting together their lunch boxes.

I know there are Moms who cut their kid’s sandwiches and fruit into shapes and put sweet little lunch notes inside and I must admit I do not know how they do it! I am a little envious.

But there is something I can do to make their lunch special. I can order from the Lunch Lady. My kids love it. The price is affordable. The meal is delivered hot right to their desk.

It is so easy, all I need to do is I go online and choose from a menu at There is so much variety that even the pickiest eater will find an option that is perfect. My kids love the Chicken Finger Dinner with the rice and niblet corn and don’t seem to notice the rice is whole grain. They also like the homemade Mac and Cheese. My kids like the regular size meals but there are smaller ones for younger kids.

I am a huge fan of this service. I love it when it is Lunch Lady Day – YEAH!

If you want to get more information about having a program like this at your school send an email to










A Bright Way to Raise Bright Kids
A Bright Way to Raise Bright Kids

A Bright Way To Raise Bright Kids

Kids are natural explorers and scientists. They learn by taking in as much information as possible, through as many senses as possible. They look, touch, listen, smell, and taste EVERYTHING. Nothing makes you feel better as a parent than seeing your child’s mind and body fully engaged in something that brings them joy and helps them learn. Often, it’s the toys our kids play with that offer the first kernel of understanding of new concepts. There’s a way to make that complete engagement, that whole-self dedication to learning a regular part of your child’s life. What if you had a way to learn how your child’s mind and body is growing and developing, and even understood exactly what kinds of toys and activities would help them reach their next big milestone?

Bright Bean will help you do exactly that. Bright Bean is a new Canadian online, educational toy store with a big focus on helping parents give their kids a huge advantage, through toys and play! Bright Bean’s online store sells high-quality, educational toys, organised in a way that makes sense to you: the conscientious, learning and development focused parent. At Bright Bean, you can shop with developmental milestones and educational goals in mind.

Bright Bean’s website offers tools and resources for parents to learn more about their kids too! The Milestone Guide helps you track your child’s development in the early years and beyond, from physical development to academic, social, and emotional development. The guide explains each step your child will take in the development process, and points you to the perfect toys to get the most out of each age and stage. Bright Bean’s blog, The Garden, offers frequent updates and fun info like new product lines, parenting tips, activities, and all kinds of ways to encourage your child’s healthy growth and education.

Your kids learn best through play–Bright Bean gives you the tools to help them do it.

For more information, go to:


Richmond Hill Country Club Day Camp Review
Richmond Hill Country Club Day Camp Review

























I just signed up my two children for summer camp at Richmond Hill Country Club Day Camp. With the early bird registration deadline coming up, I thought I would share with you what a wonderful place it has been for my family.

My daughter Brooklyn is entering her 5th summer as at RHCC Day Camp in the Cheetah unit and my son Bentley is entering his 2nd summer in the Coyote. Brooklyn has been a camper there since she was 2.5 years old and in diapers, and hasn’t looked back since.

I myself know this Camp very well. I worked there as a counsellor when I was sixteen years old and both my younger siblings were campers there as well.

You might ask: “What do I love about this place?”
The Camp sits behind the Country Club on acres of land and is filled with trees and lush greenery. The campers swim twice daily – an instructional swim in the outdoor pool in the morning and a recreational swim in the afternoon in the indoor pool, when the sun is at its strongest. I love the indoor pool because the kids still get to swim if it is raining outside. I also love the fact that if it is raining or there is a heat wave outside, the kids can still enjoy their day comfortably with some indoor, air conditioned, locations.

The counsellors are enthusiastic and truly care about the kids. Both of my kids counsellors from last summer, still babysit my kids.
The camp encourages socialization and group integration. Both my kids made a lot of new friends at RHCC Day Camp, many who they remain in contact with over the winter months.

How does a typical day of Camp work?
You have an option to put your child in bussing or can drop them off yourself. The kids meet one of their counsellors at the top of the hill bring them down to their unit area. The youngest children in the Cubs, Bears and Grizzlies units are dropped off in a gated park at the top of the hill where they have a special drop off activity to participate in, such as music or dance,to help the campers start their day off with lots of fun.

To begin the camp day, all of the campers gather in the main field in front of the stage, where they participate in an energizer, practice the camp dance, celebrate birthdays and have daily announcements. For the rest of the day, the kids have a fun filled schedule of structured activities. They have lunch with their unit and sit on picnic benches in the large lunch tent. You have a choice of ordering your children a hot lunch (for an extra charge) or you can pack your own. Every Friday, all campers are given a hot dog lunch at no extra cost.

The indoor swim is a “free swim” where the kids can play and enjoy the pool with safe supervision. The outdoor swim is an “instructional swim” and the kids are put into groups based on their swim level and work toward their badges. Both swimming activities have life guards and staff monitoring at all times. Brooklyn and Bentley got their swim badges this summer which was a bonus.

When the day ends, the kids are escorted by their counsellors up the hill to the buses or to their parents.

So what are these kids doing each day at Camp?

Here are some of The CAMP ACTIVITIES they offer:
* INDOOR SWIM (Free Swim)
* OUTDOOR SWIM (Instructional Swim)
* CHAMELEA (Science)
* WHIMZ (Small animals)
* ACTIVE KIDS ZONE (Crafts & Games)
* IN THE MIX (Music Videos)

There are specialized camps to put your kid’s in if they love a specific activity. RHCC Day Camp offers a GOLF ACADEMY, TENNIS ACADEMY, MARTIAL ARTS CAMP and a SPORTS CAMP.

Throughout the summer, The Camp has a theme day. Some of last year’s theme days included:





• PAN AM GAMES (Colour War)






Each week, the Camp has a dress up day for the kid’s to participate in. Some of last year’s dress up days included:













You will not regret enrolling your child in this Camp. If you would like to save a little, you can book your child for the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL.

Early Bird Discount: Register BEFORE January 25, 2016 and receive a discount per family off your camps fees as follows:
Register for 8 weeks – receive $200 discount per family + pay only $125 for week 9
Register for 4 weeks – receive $150 discount per family + pay only $450 for week 9

For more information, go to:
Camp Office: 905-731-2800

























Brooklyn’s Petite & Posh Party Review
Brooklyn’s Petite & Posh Party Review

Brooklyn’s Petite & Posh Party Review

My daughter had an incredible 6th birthday party at Petite & Posh. I wanted to share her experience with all of you.

What is Petite & Posh?
Petite & Posh is an exclusive entertainment venue for dress up, doll & tea parties, and social gatherings in Vaughan. The facility is clean and spacious, with beautiful posh decor.

My daughter chose the 2 hour Petite Dolltique Package which invites all children to come with their “American Girl” or “Our Generation” Dolls to accompany them to the party ( any 18″ inch dolls). The venue has extra dolls for any child who forgets to bring or doesn’t own one which was a great idea to no exclude any children who don’t.

When we arrived at the venue, we were greeted by 5 nice ladies. Three of them were the Hostesses who worked on our party. The service blew me away and I literally did nothing but take pictures. It was wonderful.

The Food

My daughter was able to chose from eating Belgium waffles with whipped cream and sprinkles, or pizza. My daughter being a sugar lover (like her mother) chose the waffles. They went over really well with the kids. They were also given fancy little pastries and pink lemonade or water to enjoy.

For dessert, they sung happy birthday to Brooklyn. Petite & Posh supplied the cute cupcakes. The kids loved it and acted as they were at a true tea party. They was no running around our craziness. It was very elegant.

The Salon


The kids then entered the most adorable little dress up salon you have ever seen. There were tons of pretty costumes, tutus, and dresses. The venue was spotless and all rooms were very clean.

Then the hostess turned on this high tech TV and the group did a dance which was video taped. The video gets sent to the birthday child’s family.


The kids were then able to explore the room and choose their own costumes. They even had costumes for little boys. My son and his friend both put on matching pirate outfits and it was adorable.

Then the staff brought out the doll clothing. The kids got to dress up their dolls. The hostesses made hair styles and bracelets for the kids and their dolls. Even the boys got their hair styled spikey with gel.

The Outfit Reveal
The cutest part of this party was the fashion show. They asked all of the parents who were there to come sit at the dining table. Then they turned off the lights and put some cool flashing strobe lights on a small platform stage and turned on tween music for the kids to each come strut their stuff on the run way. The parents and the kids both loved it.
After the show, the stage turned into a top 40 dance party with the kids in their costumes.After the kid’s changed back into their clothes and the doll’s original clothes, they did a sweet little chant together, where they were then given certificates and their loot bags.
The Loot Bags

The loot bags ARE included in your package. The girls got a bow, clips, and a hair band and the boys got a bow tie to take home.

Fantastic Experience
When you book a party with Petite & Posh, all you need to worry about is having coffee and snacks for the adults (if you have any parents there). If not they provide tea for a few adults that stay. Everything else is taken care of for you. You’ve got your meal, beverages, cupcakes with a candle, plenty of entertainment, loot bags and very kind Hostesses to make sure your party runs smoothly and you can hang around on the sidelines and relax. No detail was missed and while the price may look expensive it really isn’t when you consider all that is included and take into account the special offer below. The staff are very helpful, cheery and truly made the experience a great one. You know it is a good party as this was created by the Glama Gal sisters and we know anything they do is over the top amazing!

My daughter and her friends had a great time. This will be one of her most memorable days.


Mention ‘Entertain Kids On A Dime’ and book your party by February 1, 2016 and you will receive $100 off your child’s birthday party.

For more information, go to:


Bentley’s Superhero Party Review
Bentley’s Superhero Party Review

Bentley’s Superhero Party Review

I thought I would share my son Bentley’s experience with Spider-Man for his 4th birthday party.

I had the party at my house and invited 30 kids over to celebrate. Yes I am crazy. I hired Spider-Man from ‘The Hero Headquarters’ which is The brother company to ‘Ever After Entertainment’.
I decided to split the kids into two groups, because the room in my house would be crammed for all thirty kids were in there at once. I made two groups- one for girls and one for boys. I asked ‘The Hero Headquarters’ if they could do two thirty minute shows instead of a one hour show, and they happily accommodated my needs. The girls waited in my den while I set up the boys with another activity.

I heard my door bell ring and there was Spider-man. He was in character from the second he walked into my home. As he was talking to me in character, I looked behind me and didn’t see any kids. At that moment I realized this guy is good! Plus he made me laugh, which is an extra bonus.

Before the party, I went to the Dollarama and purchased paper Spider-Man masks to give to the kids. They cost me $2 for a pack of 8. The girls were waiting for Spider-Man in my family room. They were so into it. My friend’s daughter was so excited yelling, “The real Spider-Man is here!”
They played games and he read a book to the group. Then he gave each girl a Spider-Man tattoo and they loved it.
When the boys came, they were in aww of the Superhero. He did the same routine with the boys and my son happily got his tattoo.

At the end of his two sessions, we gathered all of the kids together. Spider-Man did a ceremony with Bentley in front of the group.
He presented my son with a certificate, a Spider-Man bracelet, and an adorable cape to keep. Then he left to go “fight some crime” and all of the kids said good bye.


It was truly an amazing experience for Bentley. For the next few days, he was showing everyone he knew his Spider-Man tattoo and gushed about his party.

I just wanted to thank ‘The Hero Headquarters’ for creating a fun and safe party for my son and his friends.











The Hero Headquarters offers an interactive party with your choice of Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, and Star Wars characters.

To inquire about a Superhero party, you can contact THE HERO HEADQUARTERS at:



everafter_logo (1)
Ever After offers Princesses that really sing.
Cinderella, Rapunzel, The First Princess, Barbie, Tinkerbell, The Little Mermaid, Brave Princess, Frozen Princesses, Beauty, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White will be sure to add magic to any party or event!

To inquire about a Princess party, you can contact EVER AFTER ENTERTAINMENT at:

Sleepover Camp Review -Wahanowin
Sleepover Camp Review -Wahanowin

I would like to start this off by saying Sleepover Camp is NOT on a dime.

This is considered a privilege for children. Not everyone can afford it and for someone like myself, something has got to give in order for me to send my kids. It is a wonderful experience and I’d pass up on some family vacations to give them this opportunity.
Camp Wahanwin is located in Orillia Ontario and sits on the beautiful Lake Couchiching.

Although Wahanowin does have all of the bells and whistles, they still are on the lower end for cost in comparison to the other high end camps in it’s category.

This past summer I sent my 5.5 year old daughter Brooklyn on a coach bus to Camp Wahanowin for ONE DAY!
The one day or as they call it ‘Wahano-One’ is a jam packed day of camp so your child can experience it without actually sleeping over. I am going to share with you my daughter’s experience that day.

When I found out about this one day camp program, I got so excited. My husband never went to Overnight Camp so this was a great way to ease him into this idea.
On the big day, we woke up early and took Brooklyn to the buses. She didn’t know any other kids going and I was really nervous leaving her.

I love the fact that the camp is located in Orillia and I know I could be there in an hour if they called me. An hour after the bus left, I received an email from Miriam (The Director of Special Groups) telling me the kids arrived safely at camp. I wrote her back asking her if Brooklyn was okay because she didn’t know anyone. Within 10 minutes, she sent me a picture of her with Counsellors and other Camper’s smiling. That was all I needed to see.

Throughout her day, the camp was uploading pictures so we could see our children having fun. I saw that she went tubing, went on the inflatable water park, and roasted marshmallows. I also saw a picture of her at her two meals. Miriam was there if I had any questions.

I awaited the Camp bus to arrive at 8pm. I was told Brooklyn fell asleep on the way home, which did not surprise me one bit.

She came off the bus with a big smile on her face. She was wearing a Wahanowin t-shirt and was carrying a bag and a water bottle that she received as a gift.

On the car ride home she told me that she had the best day ever and met so many new kids.

Her highlights were jumping on the water trampoline, tubing on the lake, rainbow slushies at snack, and making a friendship bracelet with her Counsellor, and playing with the other kids. She asked me when she can go back and sleep over. I said next year. She looked disappointed. It’s been 3 months since she went on that day trip to Camp and she still talks about it.

In July 2016, she will be attending the 4 night/5 day Wahanowin-Warmup Titled “The Super Sleep-Over” (for kids completing SK to Grade 3) to try out the idea of sleepover camp. I know she is going to love it, make life long friends, and have the best time ever.
For those of you who are interested in the early bird savings for this upcoming summer, it is running until October 19, 2015.

If you want more information you can go to:

Bruce, Patti, and Miriam offer home visits where they will come to your house and answer all of your questions about the camp.



My Daughter heading on the bus to Camp Wahanowin



The Counsellors waiting to meet the kids!



Her Group for the day.



The Inflatable Water Park



My daughter swimming with her Counsellor in the lake.



Kids Tubing with a Counsellor on the lake.

IMG_3713 (1)


My daughter getting ready to go tubing. I still can’t believe she went.



Lunch Time at Camp!



Kids At Cooking



A boy zip-lining at Camp.



Dinner time at Camp!



Roasting Marshmallows after Camp. They had to do it indoor because it was raining.



My daughter loved her Counsellors.



About to leave to go home on the Bus. The kids look nice and tired.



Boogie Boarding
Swimming Lessons
Giant Waterslide
Inflatible Waterpark
Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball & Tennis
Camp radio Station
Arts And Crafts, Pottery, Woodworking & Copper Enameling
Canoe tripping
Mountain Biking
Ropes Course, Climbing Wall & Zip-lining
Archery & Riflery

Carnival with Inflatables
Colour War
Dancing With the Staff Socials (dances)
Fashion Show
Pep Rally
Foam Party
Midnight Madness
Theme Days
Theme Meals
Wahanowin Idol
Israel Spirit Day
Wahanowin Survivor
Grove Ball
Closing Banquet
Closing Ceremonies

Here is a video from this past Summer at Camp.



*For more information, go to:

*For pricing and early bird information, visit:


If you were a former Camper, I would love to hear from you!

Feel free to post a comment below for other Parents to read!