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Fall Mason Jar Crafts & Healthy Recipe
Fall Mason Jar Crafts & Healthy Recipe


When you can do with a Mason jar?
In our house, it’s a versatile item for crafts and creative snacks.

The store Creative Bag has lots of different varieties of Mason Jars. The price for their jars are very reasonable.
Here are some autumn and spooky themed ideas that you can do with a Mason jar.


Mason jar
White tissue paper (1 sheet)
•Mini flameless candle tea light (available in store)
Foam Paint brush
•White Glue
•Leaves (fake or real- we used real ones)

•Optional: Hemp String (to tie around the top of the lid)

•Go outside and collect some leaves (if you are using real ones).
•Cut up the white coloured tissue paper in to chunks.
•Paint glue all around the outside of the Mason jar.
•Stick the pieces of tissue paper around the mason jar until you covered the entire outside of it and the top of the lid.
•Gently put glue over the tissue paper and stick the leaves onto the jar.
•Put a layer of glue over each leaf to keep it from sticking.
•Once it dries, put in your flameless candle and turn it on.

IMG_7901 (1)



Mason jar
•Toilet paper roll
Orange & green tissue paper
•Mini flameless candle tea light (available in store)
Foam Paint brush
•White Glue
•Black felt or pumpkin face stickers

•Take your black felt and cut up two triangle eyes, a triangle nose, and a scary mouth (if you bought the stickers skip this step).
•Cut up the orange and green coloured tissue in to small squares.
•Paint glue all around the outside of the Mason jar.
•Stick the orange tissue paper pieces to the jar covering it and the lid.
•Gently glue the felt and stick them to the jar to create a pumpkin face.
•Paint glue around the toilet paper roll.
•Stick the green tissue paper to cover the outside of the roll.
•Glue the toilet paper roll to the lid of the mason jar (to create your stem).
•Once it dries, put in your flameless candle and turn it on.

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I made this dessert for my two little monkeys and they loved it! I thought I would share it with all of you.
It is a small dessert so make sure they eat it after dinner.

What makes this recipe more healthy? I used ricotta cheese which is high in protein and coconut sugar which is a natural sugar.

Here is the recipe below…

•4 –4 oz little Mason jars
•1 1/3 cups of Light Ricotta Cheese
•5 tsp of coconut sugar
•1 tsp of vanilla
•1 tsp of cinamon
•2 Chocolate Organic Cookies (Like Sweet Earth)
•2 NON-ripe bananas
•12 dark chocolate chips

•Put the ricotta cheese in a bowl. Use a hand blender or mixer to blend the cheese until smooth (no curds).
•Once the cheese is smooth, add the coconut sugar, vanilla, and cinamon in the bowl and blend it again.
•Spoon in the cottage cheese mix evenly in each of the jars.
•Mash your two cookies into crumbs and put them evenly on top of the cheese mixture to create dirt.
•Cut your bananas into thirds. Take the 4 ends to use as your ghost.
•Turn your chocolate chips upside down and put them into your bananas to create a face.
•Place your bananas on top of “dirt”.
•Serve and enjoy!

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Edible Beach Party



My sister recently had a beach themed pool party. My children and I offered to make something fun to put as an edible centre piece. These are great for hosting a playdate, party, or to bring to someone else’s home.

The kids and I had a fun time making this and the party goers really liked them. The tray was eaten up.
All of the items (except for the blue jello) was purchased at the Dollarama. The brown sugar is in the food aisle and the umbrella tooth picks should be in the outdoor/camping aisle.

*Beach Party


What You’ll Need
Clear Tray
1 bag of brown sugar
Wrapped caramel cubes
Teddy bear cookies
Rainbow candy strips
Umbrella Tooth picks

Pour brown sugar on your tray. Pat it down. This is your pretend sand.
Cut your rainbow candy strips in half so you have two small pretend towels.
Line up your towels in two rows.
Lay your bears on all of the towels.
Unwrap your caramels and put them in a row in between the two towel rows.
Open your tooth pick umbrellas and stick them in the caramels to hold them still.

*Pool Party

What You’ll Need

4 Clear plastic bowls or small foil bowls
Package of blue jello mix
Package of gummy life savers Instructions
1 bag of brown sugar
Teddy bear cookies
Large Paper plates or 2 small trays
Wrapped caramel cubes (optional)
Rainbow candy strips (optional)
Umbrella Tooth picks (optional)

In a bag bowl, make a batch of blue jello as directed on the box. Once you have mixed it, put it into your small bowls.
Put them in the fridge to set.
Once your jello bowls are ready, put two bowls on each plate or tray.
Spread out life saver candies in each bowl.
Put the teddy bears on top of each life saver.
Put brown sugar (your sand) around the bowls.

This part is optional:
If you are making the Beach Party above, you can put some candy strips, teddy bears, caramels with the umbrellas around the plate/tray.

Enjoy! You can let your guests know that all of the beach & pool party is edible but the umbrellas!


Homemade Ice Cream In A Bag
Homemade Ice Cream In A Bag

Forget Baskin Robbins here!!! This is fresh homeade ice-cream made in under 10 minutes! With Summer around the corner I figured this would be a great time to post this exciting recipe. This activity was so much fun for me to do with the kids. I didn’t believe this could work but it did! It’s cheap, easy, and tasty.

Homemade Easy Ice Cream In A Bag


What You’ll Need
2 Large Freezer Bags
Ice -Enough ice to fill 1/2 of one large freezer bag
1/2 cup of salt (this doesn’t go in the actual ice cream) kosher salt works faster but you can use regular salt if you have that in your pantry.
1L carton of half and half cream (1 cup of cream per person in your family)
2 tbsp of sugar per person in your family
1/2 tsp of vanilla extract per person on your family
Cones or your favourite ice cream toppings

In freezer bag # 1, fill half the bag with ice
Add the salt in the bag
Put it aside


In freezer bag # 2, add the cream, vanilla and sugar.
Take out the access air and seal the bag.
Put the sealed cream bag inside of the ice and salt bag.
Seal the bag and shake the bag for 5-8 minutes until your ice cream hardens.

When finished, open the bag and serve in a cone or in a cup with toppings.

We were all amazed!