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DIY Easy Body Scrub



Do you have any gifts to get for a female family member or a teacher? For us teacher gifts get costly because my daughter is in Kindergarten and has 4 of them. We needed to think of something creative and thoughtful. So we decided to make our own body scrub. It is easy and very cost efficient, plus you will know and all of the ingredients inside of it. What is nice is that your kids can help you make this. My daughter and I made a tag to attach on the body scrub. I had her write her teacher’s name on the front of the tag (she is only 4) and I wrote the ingredients on the back. You could always add a tin of homemade cookies with this gift. I didn’t make cookies because I would literally eat the whole tray after baking them. I am really bad with sweets! Here is the scrub recipe below. I listed the cheapest place to get the items if you don’t have them laying around your pantry. This stuff smells soooo good!

What You’ll Need (Enough for 1 Jar)
2 Cups of brown sugar ($1 at Dollarama)
1 Cup of granulated sugar ($1 at Dollarama. One pack can be used to make two servings)
1 tbsp of pure vanilla extract (Your local grocery store or big box store)
1 cup of olive oil ($2 at Dollarama)
A ribbon (At Dollarama)
A large Mason jar ($1.50 at Dollarama)

In a bowl mix the brown sugar and granulated sugar. Mix until blended. Add the vanilla and the oil. Mix it up.


Spoon it in to your jar. Close the jar.
Tie ribbon around the jar. For a more personal touch, cut out a tag and hole punch it or tape a ribbon to it. If your child is old enough you can get them to write their teacher’s name on it and write the ingredients on the back.




Mothers Day Hand Print Crafts
Mothers Day Hand Print Crafts

With Mothers Day coming around the corner, I thought I would give some really adorable craft ideas. The best gift you can give someone on Mothers Day is a handmade gift. Any gift from the heart is better than anything you can buy! I have listed below 2 crafts that my kids and I made for their two grandmothers and two great grandmothers.  With both crafts I used Mod Podge on top of the canvas to make the art look glossy.  You do not have to do this. It is optional. I got it from Walmart for $10. Probably my most expensive item on here. It is highly recommended that you keep this product away from the kids. It gets messy and I am not sure if it comes off clothes.


What You’ll Need
2 sheets of standard paper
4 sheets of scrap book paper or nice wrapping paper
2 large canvases (from Dollarama)
Two acrylic paint colours (to match the scrap book paper)
Pen or pencil
Mod Podge (optional)

Take a piece of white or card stock paper.
Fold it in half.
Put your child’s hand on the page closer to the fold side with their thumb and one finger coming off the page.


Then Cut out the hand and open the picture.
If it doesn’t look like a heart you can fold it again and cut it so it does.
This is now your template for the rest of your art. I did it twice because I have two kids.


Take your scrap paper or piece of nice wrapping paper and fold it in half.
Trace your template hand on it toward the fold.
Cut that out. That is your heart hands.
Then have your children cover their canvas in two paint colours that will match your hand heart.


When they are done, let it dry.
Glue the heart hand to the canvas. If you have more then one child, glue one for each kid.

Optional: You can label the kids ages inside the heart with a sharpie marker or paint pen and you can cover the whole painting with modge podge to make it more shiny.




What You’ll Need
2 sheets of scrap book paper or nice wrapping paper
Card stock paper (that matches your scrap or wrapping paper)
2 small canvas
Mod Podge (Optional)

Take a piece of scrap paper or wrapping paper and trace over your child’s hand.
Cut it out and glue it to a small canvas.
Take a piece of card stock paper (that matches your design) and cut out a heart and label it with your child’s name and age.
Glue it on to the hand.
If you have more children, add each child’s hand to the canvas. If you have only one child, you can trace their foot and put it on to your second canvas.
Optional: Paint the art with modge podge to make it more shiny.


We decided to decorate gift bags with stickers that I bought from The Dollar Store.