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Make Your Own Hatchimal
Make Your Own Hatchimal

How To Make Your Own Hatchimal

Here’s a DIY activity and it will help you save some money!
For those of you who can’t find a Hatchimal, here is a great craft for you.

We created a Draggle Hatchimal. I choose it because I found socks in the same colours.

What you need to Make A Draggle Hatchimal
All items can be found at the Dollarama


For The Hatchimal
•2 Large Foam Balls
•2 Different Colour fluffy socks
•Large googley eyes (we used coloured)
•Glue Gun
•Permanent Marker
•Foam coloured paper

For the Egg
•1 Balloon
•White tissue paper (large pieces)
•Elmers White Glue
•Permanent markers
•Paint Brush
•Plastic or Paper cup

Hatchimal Directions
1. Take the two foam balls and cut a tiny piece off the end for each one, so it is flat.

2. Glue one of the balls on the flat bottom to the circular side of the other ball. Let it dry. 

3. Put the sock over the balls and pull it tightly over them.

4. Cut off the remainder of the sock and glue it to cover the whole bottom of the Hatchimal.

5. Glue on the eyes.
6. Using your foam paper, cut out two wings and two rain drops (for the beak). Glue them in place.

7. Cut a patch of the other colour sock and glue it to the stomach of your Hatchimal.



Egg Directions
1. Blow up a balloon and place it in a cup.

2. Mix Elmers white glue with water in a cup or bowl.

3. Paint the balloon with the glue mix, and stick the tissue over it. Make about 4 layers (You can dry it with a hair dryer to speed up the process).

4. Pop the balloon and from the bottom of your egg, and draw coloured dots with permanent markers. 
5. Place your Hatchimal in the bottom of the egg (You may have to rip it open a little).
6. Tape up the rip on the bottom of your Egg.

To Hatch
Just shake it up and rip it open!



Congrats you just made a Hatchimal and saved money! I bet 1 in 3 kids leave them in the house collecting dust within two days.

You can thank me later!




Flower Pot Crafts



This activity is fun for 1 child or can be used to entertain a whole group of children for a play date or a birthday party.
I recently had 7 kids over for a play date (yes I’m crazy) and decided to plan a fun craft for them. This activity is very inexpensive and it’s an art piece that parents will keep in their homes on display.
I covered my outdoor tables with craft paper and put out the pots, paint and paint brushes for the kids to enjoy.
For a large group, I recommend cutting the pool noodle pieces and flowers prior to starting the activity.
This craft is easy and looks so beautiful when finished. The kids at my home were aged 17 months to 5 years and all of them were able to participate.

*What You’ll Need
(All items were purchased at The Dollarama)
Real Flower pots (2 for $1)
1 pool noodle (any colour)
A stack of fake flowers (make sure you have enough for two flowers per child)
Acrylic Paint ($1 per paint container)
Sponge Paint Brushes ($1 per pack)

Paint both the outside and inside of your pot
Cut two small 1/2 pieces of pool noodle and stuff it in the pot when it is dry.
Cut off two flowers on stems with sharp scissors.
Place the flowers into the pool noodle. Display your work of art!


The Kids had a blast!


DIY Easy Body Scrub



Do you have any gifts to get for a female family member or a teacher? For us teacher gifts get costly because my daughter is in Kindergarten and has 4 of them. We needed to think of something creative and thoughtful. So we decided to make our own body scrub. It is easy and very cost efficient, plus you will know and all of the ingredients inside of it. What is nice is that your kids can help you make this. My daughter and I made a tag to attach on the body scrub. I had her write her teacher’s name on the front of the tag (she is only 4) and I wrote the ingredients on the back. You could always add a tin of homemade cookies with this gift. I didn’t make cookies because I would literally eat the whole tray after baking them. I am really bad with sweets! Here is the scrub recipe below. I listed the cheapest place to get the items if you don’t have them laying around your pantry. This stuff smells soooo good!

What You’ll Need (Enough for 1 Jar)
2 Cups of brown sugar ($1 at Dollarama)
1 Cup of granulated sugar ($1 at Dollarama. One pack can be used to make two servings)
1 tbsp of pure vanilla extract (Your local grocery store or big box store)
1 cup of olive oil ($2 at Dollarama)
A ribbon (At Dollarama)
A large Mason jar ($1.50 at Dollarama)

In a bowl mix the brown sugar and granulated sugar. Mix until blended. Add the vanilla and the oil. Mix it up.


Spoon it in to your jar. Close the jar.
Tie ribbon around the jar. For a more personal touch, cut out a tag and hole punch it or tape a ribbon to it. If your child is old enough you can get them to write their teacher’s name on it and write the ingredients on the back.




Easy Play-dough Recipes


Today, I am posting on how to make easy play-dough recipes.  These are all NON-COOK recipes which are much faster and easier to make then the traditional home-made play-dough. Most ingredients you should have lying around your house, which makes these activities very cost efficient. I had such a fun time trying out two of the dough recipes with my children.  The kids loved it so I thought I should share our crafts with all of you…



1 part flour
2 parts oatmeal
1 part water

Mix ingredients together and form into shapes.
After a few hours the dough will dry up. You can then paint your dough if desired.


*Peanut Butter Play Dough (EDIBLE)*

All I have to say is yum yum yum. I snuck a taste of the dough while my kids were playing with it. It is so good.  I recommend watching your kids while they play with this one.  The kids ate a little bit of their creations. If I left my two alone they probably would have eaten the entire thing, which would be a little two much sugar for them :)


* 1/2 cup peanut butter
* 1/4 cup honey
* 1 cups powdered sugar

Mix all ingredients in a bowl, using your hands. Roll the dough into balls and it will become less sticky. Form shapes and be creative!

Storage: Put in the fridge in an sealed container.


My little guy making shapes with cookie cutters.

*No-Cook Coloured Playdough Recipe*

I have not yet tried this one but definitely will in the near future. If anyone does, I would love to hear how it worked for your kids.

1 cup salt
1 1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup water
2 Tablespoons oil
A few drops of food coloring (any colour of choice)
1. Mix all ingredients very well and store in plastic bag or covered jar.