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Great Savings On Gourmet Homemade Food

Great Savings On Gourmet Homemade Food


For those parents who don’t enjoy cooking, there is hope for you all! I myself, fall into this category. I’ll be trying to prep food while my two small children are tugging on my pants. Clean up for me is the worst part. I always burn the insides of my pots and pans.
Although restaurant food is a great option, it often becomes very pricy and you don’t know what’s really in your food. Sometimes you just want a nice homemade meal.
I have found your new saviour and it’s called Made With Love Catering. This Company has been my new go meal after I tried their meat balls at a party. The company is founded by two Moms with a love for cooking.

You can get a homemade meal for a family of four for $28. They offer chicken, beef, fish and vegetarian meals. They use fancy, healthy, ingredients and it tastes great.
You can buy meals in small packs that cost $14. The meal feeds two people which is good because you and your spouse may like something different then your kids.
Their salads cost $12 and they are amazing. It’s good for a side for two people or for one meal. Their soups are also fantastic. For $10, you get a homemade jar of soup that will knock your socks off.

The best part about Made With Love is that they DELIVER your meal right to your door step. If you aren’t home you can arrange for them to leave your meals on your door step. I get excited on Tuesday afternoons when I find a black reusable bag on my door step filled with food. The meals are meant to stay in the refrigerator for Tuesday- Friday but many are freezable if you know you are going to be out one night.

Made With Love Catering has a recycling initiative. If you return 10 empty soup jars, you get one soup free.

Once their business grows larger, they are also planning to donate extra food for children who can’t afford school lunches.

Made With Love offers gift cards. Let’s say you have a friend who has a new baby or is recovering from an operation. You can send them food through Made With Love Catering with a personal message.

They have also recently opened a commercial kitchen in Vaughan so they can have more space and can accommodate more orders.

1) You sign up for their weekly newsletter.
2) Thursdays you will receive an email for with a list of meals that you can have for the following week.
3) Choose as many meals, soups, and salads, as you like.
4) Put your order in by Sunday night. You will receive an email reminder to put in your order.
5) Tuesday your order will be delivered.


I spoke with the two owners and they had this to say:
“Food is the one common love that all people have and it’s the one single thing that unites us all, no matter what the circumstance is.”

“Food is also the one thing that should not be divided by financial status. We are all deserving of home cooked and nutritious meals.”

“Food should not come by struggle! These are the reasons why we came up with this company and named it the name we did. We are 2 moms with a passion for food, eating, cooking, and most of all bringing happiness to others through food.”

Why sign up to their mailing list? Because it’s FREE and every Thursday you get a new menu list sent to your email. Check out there website, and scroll down to the bottom of the page and sign up for their newsletter. You will be glad you did!

Now, who’s hungry?

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 VarageSale logo

After downloading the FREE buy & sell App VarageSale on my iPhone, I have found a new addiction.

Why Do I Like It?
1) There is FREE stuff on it
I just scanned through my news feed and found someone giving away their used TV in good condition. Another member was giving away new pack of swim diapers. It doesn’t get better than that.


2) Good quality, well priced USED ITEMS 
There are tons of kids and adult books ranging from $1-$5.
I saw a nice office desk that was selling for $30. There was a baby jolly jumper selling for $5.


3) There are NEW ITEMS
Yes not everyone is comfortable buying items used. There are NEW items posted in there too.
I just saw a kids pair of boots and full snow suite new with the tags on all for $35.


4) It’s ADDICTING to browse through
Picture sitting on your Facebook News Feed checking out what comments your friends have posted, but instead of postings, you are checking out an online store.

5) You can MAKE MONEY by using it
Look through your house at clothes, toys, furniture, books, and games that you don’t need. All you do is upload the FREE VarageSale App, take a picture of your items, and post it. It is easy and you are earning extra cash.


6) It’s a “Lazy Man’s” Dream
This App saves you a lot of work. When you want to keep an eye on an item, you click the picture and click “watch.”
If you are interested in purchasing or finding out about an item, you just click on “Interested.” The poster will receive your note and they will contact you to discuss the product. It’s easy enough for anyone to use.

You can download the FREE and simple mobile APP on your iPhone, Android, and Kindle. Just search “VarageSale.”




Are you sending your kids to camp this summer? I found that my kids would often come home from camp with lighter bags. They are so busy running around that clothing and water bottles would go missing. I have searched many lost & found bins in my day.
Buying good labels will help prevent your child from never seeing their belongings again.

I will NOT use iron labels because they are too much work. I don’t like using a permanent marker because the colour often runs and they aren’t always legible.

Now I’m moving on to the good stuff. Personalized Sticker labels! There are special ones for clothing and shoes. Thy are also great to stick on tupperware and water bottles. They are safe to go in a washing machine or dishwasher. The cutest part about them is that your child could choose their favourite character to put on each sticker.

You know I’m not going to sit and talk about stickers without giving my readers a good deal right?

The owners of Peachy Buy have put out an exclusive Entertain Kids On A
Dime deal on sticker labels.

If your kids don’t go to camp, you can get a head start on school of daycare and get your labels now for less.



*Sign up to Peachy Buy
*Purchase your voucher for $25 for $50 to spend on anything at Label Daddy.
Go to to redeem your voucher for great labels.
*Hurry, this offer is available until FEBRUARY 25, 2015!




Back to school

Turn Your Clutter Into Easy Cash


Hello Parents,

I have recently been introduced to something awesome. An easy way to get rid of old clothes, toys, furniture, books, and kids items.

VarageSale logo

The Company is called VarageSale. They are an online marketplace where you can buy, sell and connect with your local community. VarageSale was founded in 2012 and has over 350 communities across the U.S. and Canada and around the world. Currently, in Ontario, Markham, Stouffville and Oshawa already have online communities.
VarageSale is FREE to use ( The easiest part is that iphone, Android, and Kindle Users can download the free and simple mobile app.

Besides VarageSale being easy to use, it also allows families to SAVE AND MAKE MONEY! Go through your house and find items you no longer need. The money you make could be put away for your child’s college fund, a vacation or just even have extra cash around the house. You can save money by purchasing previously owned items at a much lower cost than buying it new.

What makes VarageSale unique is that it is way more convenient than doing a real garage sale. Most items sell within the first couple days, and many only take a couple hours. The members are properly screened. Members login with their real identity creating a social shopping experience based on real faces and names. Interactions around items help members get to know each other. Friendships evolve, creating a trusting local community.


Attention RH 2

VARAGESALE would like to open a Online Community in Richmond Hill  (Vaughan, Thornhill, Woodbridge, Maple, Aurora).

In order to do this, they need Support from residents in the area to show that they would like to see this. If you live in the area, all you have to do is click on the event I am posting below and respond that you are “ATTENDING”. This is not a physical event. You don’t actually attend this. It just shows that you are supporting them to offer this for Vaughan users.

If they hit 1500 people, they are going to have a FREE event for kids at a play centre in Richmond Hill to celebrate.

There is no catch, or money involved. They just need the interest to go ahead and launch this area. They have 350 locations already all over North America. You can invite your friends in the area to join too! Let’s help them out! Click on the link below to join their event.

Earn more cash  Deals in your Neighbourhood