My Kids Favourite Summer Products (Plus Some Deals)

My Kids Favourite Summer Products (Plus Some Deals)

My Kid’s Favourite Summer Products

My two children Brooklyn and Bentley (and I) created a list of EIGHT of their favourite summer products from this year.

I have gotten some exclusive deals for you, for some of the amazing items listed below.

We hope you enjoy these products as much as we do.


The FaceOff Junior Cloths are staples in our house. During the summer, my kids go to Camp. They come home with their faces full of sun screen, dirt, and sweat. This gross combination causes a layer of oil on their faces.

I don’t want to start clogging their pure skin with soaps and face washes. This cloth is non toxic, and gentle on the skin.

You just put the cloth in warm water, wipe down your child’s face, rinse the cloth with soap, and hang to dry.
Each cloth lasts 3-4 months and is machine washable.
The kids cloths come in blue or pink.

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Why does my family love Badger Sunscreen? The product is thick and covers the skin, it’s natural, it smells nice, and it doesn’t make their skin oily. 

I have been using this product on my children since they were babies. This is their first choice of Sunscreen.



PlanetBox is a bento style lunch box, that assists you in packing a well-balanced meal.
The box is stainless steel which makes it long lasting and easy to clean. It is dish washer safe and very durable, which you need with kids.
My kids like the box because it makes their food look appealing. My daughter Brooklyn doesn’t like her foods touching each other so this works well for her.

Another bonus. You can buy a set of magnets to fit on top of your box. The magnets come with fun patterns, or your child can decorate their own.

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Cubby Cubes are a traveller’s dream! Cubby Cubes are square bags that you label and put your clothes in. 

I sent my daughter off to Camp with her pink, labelled cubes. Her counsellors thanked me because it took them a minute to unpack her bag. I love the fact that I could keep her clothes organized for her, without having to be there.

I am going to invest in more Cubby Cubes for our next vacation. Each one of my family members will pick a different colour, and I can keep our clothing compact and organized.

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Baseball Caps are cool but having your named printed on them, takes this to the next level.
Little Miss Henna will monogram hats, pillow cases, bath mats, water bottles, camp mats, and towels with graffiti art.

Don’t like your child’s name on their hats? How about a favourite character or sports team?

My kids love their summer trucker hats and their pillow cases. Both are great for Camp!

Their products also make cool loot bags. You can call them directly about their loot bag rates.

Want to order personalized products from Little Miss Henna? Go to:



The pre-filled water balloons were the greatest summer game invention since the slip n slide.

Before Bunch-O-Balloons came out, it would take me an hour to blow up twenty water balloons and my fingers were throbbing.

With pre-tied balloons, all you need is a bucket and a hose and you are set to go. It takes a minute to blow up 30 balloons.

Normally, for $10-$12 you get can 100 Bunch O Balloons water balloons. For the Super Value Water Balloons, they are $32 (+ hst and shipping) and you get 666 pre-tied Balloons!

Find them on Amazon here:



Thank you to the inventors of the Cloud for making a simple inflatable lounger that is easy to store.

The Cloud is an inflatable lounger that you don’t need to pump air into. You scoop each side with wind to inflate it.

Once it is ready, your kids can relax. Bring these out to pool parties, picnics, camping, the beach, or outdoor festivals.

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The a Jungle JumpaRoo®  is a US based Company who appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank.

It’s a brilliant toy. The bottom is a donut that you inflate. The donut is surrounded by colourful steel bars. Kids bounce on the outside of the tube. Inside the top, you install a swing which the kids love. This product is for indoor/outdoor use, and is much safer than a trampoline.

Want other ideas for multiple use?
Fill the floor in the middle of the tube with plastic balls. You can also cover the Jumparoo with a blanket to create a tent for reading or pretend play.

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*Prices are shown in USD
*Please note: the shipping cost will be approximately $70 due to the weight of the product. Since the product is well made from strong rubbers and steel, the product weighs 99 pounds.