Contest: Win 4 Blue Jays Tickets

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Contest: Win 4 Blue Jays Tickets

CONTEST: Win 4 Blue Jays Tickets

Disability Credit Canada are giving away a 4 Tickets to a Blue Jays Game to one lucky family! The game is on a Saturday so families can enjoy the free Junior Jays activities happening inside the and around the stadium.

Here is the information below:

TO BE ENTERED INTO THE DRAW (You will need Facebook)


2) Join My Facebook Group
(If you are not in my Facebook group, here is the link:

3) Once you have completed steps 1-& 2, you will write “DISABILITY CREDIT CANADA” into the comment thread of my “Official” Contest post from my Facebook Group wall.

(If you are already in her group, skip this step)

The post is Pinned to the top of my page (on a mobile phone you must click on “Pinned Post” to view this).


The winner will receive 4 tickets to a Toronto Blue Jays Game at the Rogers Centre. The game will be on Saturday, August 26 in the early afternoon, while the Junior Jays Activities are taking place.

Contest Details: The contest closes on Sunday, July 23, 2017 at 6pm. The winner will be announced that night. The prize winner will be contacted through Facebook (so check your “others” folder).

*You must live in the Province of Ontario, Canada to enter.


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