GTA Sportsplex Review (My Son’s Birthday)

GTA Sportsplex Review (My Son’s Birthday)

My son Bentley had just celebrated his 5th birthday at The Vaughan Sportsplex II located in Maple.

Bentley had the best time. He was so tired from playing that he fell asleep and had a nice long nap that afternoon.

We had 23 kids come to the party. We invited only the SK boys in his class, his cousins, and a few of my friend’s kids who are his age.

We had two staff help us with the party. They were great to deal with.

Included in this area:
•Giant trampolines



•Rock climbing

•Rope swings into foam blocks
•Rope climb and zip line (better for kids 9+)



Use of the large indoor soccer field with soccer balls.

What The Party Included
•5 Large Pizza
•5 Pitchers of Pop
We recommend bringing bottles of water for the children and bring sharpies to label them.
We also brought juice boxes, chips, and a cake for the kids.



Why We Loved It
1) It’s so much fun!
The kids were running around having the best time. It even looks like fun for the adults. Ask my Husband and Brother-in-law who climbed the rock wall.

2) Tons of space
The facility is so large. We took the party area upstairs. It had an insane amount of room and I had 22 kids and their parents. There was a fridge and sink area. I was able to keep the cake cold.


3) Keep’s the kids moving
The kids were so active, Jumping, running, and climbing. Every kid was sweating, which tells me they got lots of exercise.

Other Party Activities They Offer:
1) Nerf Tag
2) Bubble Soccer
3) Jumping Castle
4) Sports
5) Drone Racing
6) Archery Tag
7) Martial Arts

We had lots of positive feed back from the kids and the parents. Most importantly Bentley had a great time.

I would recommend The Vaughan Sportsplex II to have your child’s birthday party.

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