Kids & Hair Growth

Kids & Hair Growth

Kids & Hair Growth

Here is one of my “let me take you into my personal life” posts!

3 Months ago, I went to my hair dresser Rob at The Studio in Thornhill. He told me there is a product, and I have to see it that helps with hair growth. I looked at him like he was crazy but I was also very curious. I don’t believe in these gimmicks and I also believe that if there is a miracle product, there must be a catch or a terrible side effect.

I agreed to meet with a women named Jennifer who was in from Texas to interrogate her with questions. She showed me this product called MONAT. It has been in Canada only in a year. In a nut shell, this is what I learned. It is completely NATURAL so there are no side effects. The product is made up of essential oils that mimic the hair growth.  So I thought to myself, I want to see if it actually will work! Since my hair is fairly thick, I was not the right candidate. So I turned to my husband Darren and told him to throw away his Shampoo because he needs to use this new product.

I have never seen a man more skeptical in his life. After 5 weeks, we noticed a change.  For him the product didn’t grow back new hair, but it thickened his current hair follicles, and made his bald spot look fuller. He is now a customer, and uses the products Classic Confidence System. It is a Shampoo/Conditioner Combo bottle and an intense repair spray that he puts on his scalp after his shower.


My husband Darren's Transformation

My husband Darren’s Transformation



I thought to myself… where was this product when I had my son, and I was nursing and literally losing huge clumps of hair in the shower?

Besides Men who have receding hair lines, and Women who suffer from very thinning hair, there are also Kids affected by hair loss!

That lady Jennifer told me about a close friend’s daughter who’s hair would not grow. She had low self esteem because of it. Jennifer got that child on the product, and within 6 months, she had her full head of hair back.

Here are some conditions that can effect a child’s hair growth or cause hair loss
* Alopecia: An autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks your own body. The hair follicles that are attacked, which often causes the hair to come out, often in clumps the size and shape of a quarter. In some cases, it can cause all of the hair to fall out.

* Telogen Effluvium: is a condition in which a sudden or severe stress, such as extremely high fever, the death of a loved one, a severe injury, interrupts the normal cycle of hair growth. The hair follicles stop growing prematurely and enter a resting phase (called the telogen phase). Between six and 16 weeks later, hair sheds excessively, leading to partial or complete baldness.

* Harsh Medications: Chemotherapy drugs, Epilepsy Drugs, Acne Medication containing Vitamin A, are just some of the drugs that can cause severe hair loss.

* Trichotillomania: this condition causes hair loss caused by the child pulling, plucking, twisting, or rubbing his or her hair. The hair loss is patchy and characterized by broken hairs of varying length. Patches are typically seen on the side of the child’s dominant hand.

If you know someone, or your own child suffers from any of the above hair loss issues (or just has hair that won’t grow), I HIGHLY RECOMMEND trying this product.
It is natural, safe, and can change the life of your child.

The product I recommend is exactly what my Husband Darren uses.

“THE CLASSIC CONFIDENCE SYSTEM” (Shampoo & Conditioner and the Intense Repair Treatment).

* Cost: $129 plus tax and shipping. (There is VIP savings, if you stay on the product) 
* Product Lasts 3-4 months
* There is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
* When you are purchasing, it will be under Men’s Treatment System, and click Classic Confidence System (it’s unisex for everyone, including kids)

You can order this at:

If you have any questions about this product, please CONTACT ME and I can help you!

Have a great evening!