Bayview Wildwood Resort Review

Bayview Wildwood Resort Review

Bayview Wildwood Resort Review

I just got back from a three night trip to The Bayview Wildwood Resort in Port Stanton, Ontario and we had an amazing time.

This is my second stay at this resort and this time we recruited my close friend Renata and her family. We are all now talking about going back for next Summer. Bayview Wildwood has so much charm and I can understand why they get so many returning guests.

It’s hard to explain the atmosphere there, but picture it like a fancy summer camp for families. When I step into the resort, I feel like I am a kid again. I rode bikes with my kids and I went water skiing and tubing for the first time in 20 years!
The grounds remind me of the movie Dirty Dancing! No Baby is being put in the corner!


The grounds are small and cozy. Everything is in close walking distance. If you are a high end travelor, you may find the decor a bit dated but everything else at this resort is perfect. The entire property is within a five minute walk, which is easy when you have small children.


We stayed in The Walton House building in a one bedroom suite. It had a queen bed in one room and in the main area there was a sofa bed, a flat screen television, and another queen bed. The decor in the room could use a little revamping, but it wasn’t an issue for us at all. The bed was very comfortable to sleep in. Our room was spacious, clean, and close to the waterfront.



This resort is all-inclusive. Your Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner is all offered with your room. All meals are served in the Echo Dining Lounge. What is fun about this resort, is that you sit at the same table for each meal.

BREAKFAST: Breakfast is a buffet meal in the dining room. There were scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, pancakes or french toast, bread and bagels, Danishes, fruit, yogurt, an omelet station, and more…

LUNCH: Each day, Lunch is a themed buffet. My favourite lunch meal was the barbecue buffet. The managers served us and there was hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken breast, fries, baked beans, salads and more …

DINNER: Dinner was the best meal of the day. There was a special buffet for the kids with foods like Mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and vegetables. The highlight of our meal was that we would feed the kids quickly in the buffet, and drop them off in the kid’s camp for scheduled evening activities. Then the adults would enjoy a three course meal. From the menu, you choose your appetizer, main course, and dessert. The main courses I ate were pasta, baked chicken, and chicken Parmesan.

KID’S SNACK: After the first night program, we would bring our kids to the lodge for some home made cookies and milk.

•All alcohol purchases
•There is a little Restaurant/Ice Cream Shop/General Store on the grounds. They serve Kawartha Dairy ice cream, candy, food, and little household items like tooth brushes.


This is what originally sold me about this resort. I love the fact that my kids can be social and participate in a supervised camp, while we can enjoy some adult time. It is the perfect balance of family time and alone time.
The counsellors from the kid’s club are so caring and sweet. Some of the activities that my kids did were: talent show, crafts, playing on the beach, sports, fishing, and made slime and lemonade.
How it works is, you sign them in and out at designated times and locations, and rest assured they are in good hands.

Indoor swimming pool, squash court, and a games room.

Canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and sail boating.
There is water skiing, tubing, and banana boat rides for an extra charge.

Lawn games, children’s playground, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball.

Family Daily scheduled events included Aqua fit classes, morning yoga classes, thai chi, lawn bowling, fitness walks, shuffleboard tournaments, beach volleyball, and dance fit classes.

There is no such thing as being bored at night at The Bayview Wildwood Resort. Each night, there is entertainment on the grounds at around 7:30pm and 9pm. Our kid’s never made it to the end of the second show because they were tired from the day.
For the early entertainment, went on a horse drawn wagon ride, saw an incredible waterski show, and watched a talent show and staff variety show.
For the later entertainment, we saw two singers perform, sang karaoke, and a watched a movie in the waterfront hut. We missed a DJ Dance Party one night because my kids were too tired.



Every Summer, Bayview Wildwood chooses a fun theme throughout the Summer. The first year we went it was SPACE, and this year it was THE WILD WILD WEST.
On Wednesdays, the resort has a table decorating and dress up contest. The guests take this very seriously. People spend months preparing for this event. Since I was a returning guest I bought some accessories to wear for our two families and I decorated our table for dinner. I saw some incredible costumes and decorations. They announce the winners at dinner. We didn’t win, but we got a gift card and candy for participating!
Participating in this night felt like a family summer camp. Different activities happening around the resort, were also coordinated with the Wild Wild West theme.

I highly recommend this resort! Your whole family will have a great time! I hope you get to see the beautiful charm that this resort has to offer.



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