A Bright Way to Raise Bright Kids

A Bright Way to Raise Bright Kids

A Bright Way To Raise Bright Kids

Kids are natural explorers and scientists. They learn by taking in as much information as possible, through as many senses as possible. They look, touch, listen, smell, and taste EVERYTHING. Nothing makes you feel better as a parent than seeing your child’s mind and body fully engaged in something that brings them joy and helps them learn. Often, it’s the toys our kids play with that offer the first kernel of understanding of new concepts. There’s a way to make that complete engagement, that whole-self dedication to learning a regular part of your child’s life. What if you had a way to learn how your child’s mind and body is growing and developing, and even understood exactly what kinds of toys and activities would help them reach their next big milestone?

Bright Bean will help you do exactly that. Bright Bean is a new Canadian online, educational toy store with a big focus on helping parents give their kids a huge advantage, through toys and play! Bright Bean’s online store sells high-quality, educational toys, organised in a way that makes sense to you: the conscientious, learning and development focused parent. At Bright Bean, you can shop with developmental milestones and educational goals in mind.

Bright Bean’s website offers tools and resources for parents to learn more about their kids too! The Milestone Guide helps you track your child’s development in the early years and beyond, from physical development to academic, social, and emotional development. The guide explains each step your child will take in the development process, and points you to the perfect toys to get the most out of each age and stage. Bright Bean’s blog, The Garden, offers frequent updates and fun info like new product lines, parenting tips, activities, and all kinds of ways to encourage your child’s healthy growth and education.

Your kids learn best through play–Bright Bean gives you the tools to help them do it.

For more information, go to: www.brightbeantoys.com