Brooklyn's Petite & Posh Party Review

Brooklyn's Petite & Posh Party Review

Brooklyn’s Petite & Posh Party Review

My daughter had an incredible 6th birthday party at Petite & Posh. I wanted to share her experience with all of you.

What is Petite & Posh?
Petite & Posh is an exclusive entertainment venue for dress up, doll & tea parties, and social gatherings in Vaughan. The facility is clean and spacious, with beautiful posh decor.

My daughter chose the 2 hour Petite Dolltique Package which invites all children to come with their “American Girl” or “Our Generation” Dolls to accompany them to the party ( any 18″ inch dolls). The venue has extra dolls for any child who forgets to bring or doesn’t own one which was a great idea to no exclude any children who don’t.

When we arrived at the venue, we were greeted by 5 nice ladies. Three of them were the Hostesses who worked on our party. The service blew me away and I literally did nothing but take pictures. It was wonderful.

The Food

My daughter was able to chose from eating Belgium waffles with whipped cream and sprinkles, or pizza. My daughter being a sugar lover (like her mother) chose the waffles. They went over really well with the kids. They were also given fancy little pastries and pink lemonade or water to enjoy.

For dessert, they sung happy birthday to Brooklyn. Petite & Posh supplied the cute cupcakes. The kids loved it and acted as they were at a true tea party. They was no running around our craziness. It was very elegant.

The Salon


The kids then entered the most adorable little dress up salon you have ever seen. There were tons of pretty costumes, tutus, and dresses. The venue was spotless and all rooms were very clean.

Then the hostess turned on this high tech TV and the group did a dance which was video taped. The video gets sent to the birthday child’s family.


The kids were then able to explore the room and choose their own costumes. They even had costumes for little boys. My son and his friend both put on matching pirate outfits and it was adorable.

Then the staff brought out the doll clothing. The kids got to dress up their dolls. The hostesses made hair styles and bracelets for the kids and their dolls. Even the boys got their hair styled spikey with gel.

The Outfit Reveal
The cutest part of this party was the fashion show. They asked all of the parents who were there to come sit at the dining table. Then they turned off the lights and put some cool flashing strobe lights on a small platform stage and turned on tween music for the kids to each come strut their stuff on the run way. The parents and the kids both loved it.
After the show, the stage turned into a top 40 dance party with the kids in their costumes.After the kid’s changed back into their clothes and the doll’s original clothes, they did a sweet little chant together, where they were then given certificates and their loot bags.
The Loot Bags

The loot bags ARE included in your package. The girls got a bow, clips, and a hair band and the boys got a bow tie to take home.

Fantastic Experience
When you book a party with Petite & Posh, all you need to worry about is having coffee and snacks for the adults (if you have any parents there). If not they provide tea for a few adults that stay. Everything else is taken care of for you. You’ve got your meal, beverages, cupcakes with a candle, plenty of entertainment, loot bags and very kind Hostesses to make sure your party runs smoothly and you can hang around on the sidelines and relax. No detail was missed and while the price may look expensive it really isn’t when you consider all that is included and take into account the special offer below. The staff are very helpful, cheery and truly made the experience a great one. You know it is a good party as this was created by the Glama Gal sisters and we know anything they do is over the top amazing!

My daughter and her friends had a great time. This will be one of her most memorable days.


Mention ‘Entertain Kids On A Dime’ and book your party by February 1, 2016 and you will receive $100 off your child’s birthday party.

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