Bentley's Superhero Party Review

Bentley's Superhero Party Review

Bentley’s Superhero Party Review

I thought I would share my son Bentley’s experience with Spider-Man for his 4th birthday party.

I had the party at my house and invited 30 kids over to celebrate. Yes I am crazy. I hired Spider-Man from ‘The Hero Headquarters’ which is The brother company to ‘Ever After Entertainment’.
I decided to split the kids into two groups, because the room in my house would be crammed for all thirty kids were in there at once. I made two groups- one for girls and one for boys. I asked ‘The Hero Headquarters’ if they could do two thirty minute shows instead of a one hour show, and they happily accommodated my needs. The girls waited in my den while I set up the boys with another activity.

I heard my door bell ring and there was Spider-man. He was in character from the second he walked into my home. As he was talking to me in character, I looked behind me and didn’t see any kids. At that moment I realized this guy is good! Plus he made me laugh, which is an extra bonus.

Before the party, I went to the Dollarama and purchased paper Spider-Man masks to give to the kids. They cost me $2 for a pack of 8. The girls were waiting for Spider-Man in my family room. They were so into it. My friend’s daughter was so excited yelling, “The real Spider-Man is here!”
They played games and he read a book to the group. Then he gave each girl a Spider-Man tattoo and they loved it.
When the boys came, they were in aww of the Superhero. He did the same routine with the boys and my son happily got his tattoo.

At the end of his two sessions, we gathered all of the kids together. Spider-Man did a ceremony with Bentley in front of the group.
He presented my son with a certificate, a Spider-Man bracelet, and an adorable cape to keep. Then he left to go “fight some crime” and all of the kids said good bye.


It was truly an amazing experience for Bentley. For the next few days, he was showing everyone he knew his Spider-Man tattoo and gushed about his party.

I just wanted to thank ‘The Hero Headquarters’ for creating a fun and safe party for my son and his friends.











The Hero Headquarters offers an interactive party with your choice of Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, and Star Wars characters.

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